Adventist Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of U.S. Supreme Court

On November 1, eight Seventh-day Adventist attorneys from across the United States were admitted as members to the bar of the United States Supreme Court. The event was organized by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Office of General Counsel.

General Counsel, Karnik Doukmetzian sponsored their admission and officially moved the names during the ceremony and Chief Justice John Roberts admitted the attorneys. Those admitted were Harold Cleveland Jr., Allison Dichoso, Theodore Flo, Meredith Jobe, Maria McPhaull, Josue Pierre, Leesa Thomas, Jesus Uriarte.

Admission to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court is significant for a several reasons. It is recognition that these lawyers have achieved the competence and experience to allow them to practice—to argue cases—before the Supreme Court. Rules of the Supreme Court specify that at least one member of any legal team arguing a Supreme Court case must be a member of its bar.

In addition to being able to argue cases before the Supreme Court, membership in the Supreme Court bar allows lawyers who are admitted before the court to access limited seating for those wishing to personally attend a Supreme Court hearing. While the general public waits in relatively long lines to be seated as places are available, bar members are seated in a preferred area directly behind the attorneys arguing the case. Members of the Supreme Court Bar are also provided access to the court’s library for research and study.

Following the November 1 ceremony, the Adventist attorneys were able remain in the courtroom to hear a case being argued that morning before the full Supreme Court. The day also included a light breakfast and lecture about the Court and its history.

“The event was a great opportunity for Adventist attorneys from across the U.S. to connect with one another while sharing in a milestone together in being admitted as members of the legal fraternity of the highest court in the land,” said Doukmetzian.

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This article originally appeared on the Adventist News Network.

Image: / Adventist attorneys that participated in the Supreme Court Bar event (from left to right): Harold Cleveland Jr., Theodore Flo, Maria McPhaull, Leesa Thomas, Karnik Doukmetzian, Allison Dichoso, Jesus Uriarte, Josue Pierre, Meredith Jobe.

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congrats to all these fine attorneys…it would be wonderful if one of them were one day nominated to sit as a SCOTUS justice…

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Given what Jesus had to say about lawyers how can anyone who professes the name of Jesus pursue such a profession

Jesus was kinder to the taxman and prostitute than he was about lawyers.besides he forbade his followers to sue each other or to sit in judgement of others.

Quite often our church leaders and pastors condemn the gays and lesbians who are the way they are by accident of birth or nurture.but heap praise on those who against the counsel of Christ choose to enter the legal profession

Says a lot about what spirit actually leads the SDA church and other so called Christian denominations

Any chance that these fine people could form an ecclesiastical court. One that ensures that the GC President, among others, follows the rule book.


Jesus was referring to ecclesiastical lawyers, not civil lawyers. The “law” in question was the Jewish ceremonial law, not the civil laws of the Roman empire in force in Judea at the time.

Today’s equivalent to the lawyers Jesus spoke against would be experts in the constitution, by-laws, procedures and working policies of the GC, its constituant divisions and the various unions and conferences - church administrators.


Contragts to the lawyers but news just because someone is an Adventist isn’t news.