Adventist Blog Potluck

(system) #1

By Johnny A. Ramirez & Alexander Carpenter

Image taken by the exploratory group for the upcoming NAD sponsored "cruise with a mission".

On that line Tompaul Wheeler notes that mission work effects teen faith more than worship. Makes one wonder if that cruise wouldn't be a bad thing for your adolescent children and church members after all!

Marcel Schwantes writes on a new edition of the Bible entitled "Jesus Loves Porn Stars".

The Loma Linda University School of Religion (kudos!!) is full of blogging Profs: Julius Nam of Progressive Adventism says “I am the Ghost of Ash Wednesday!” and also writes about Project Whitecoat. Incoming dean Jon Paulien writes about Biblical Apocalyptic and the problem of worry. Johnny Ramirez-Johnson says that God is in Hollywood and David Larson provides a great essay asking How Biblical is the Christian right?

Adventists in Alabama (Birmingham) run an active blog from their Sabbath School class called Epicenter Conversations. Read their latest post on the season of bright sadness.

Hollywood Pastor Ryan Bell hangs out with celebrities while fighting human trafficking and slavery.

Canadian Adventists and CUC alums might appreciate bookmarking the blog of the Student Association at Canadian Union College.

Canadian Adventist author Trudy Morgan-Cole writes of her good day, good cause and good film.

The entire Adventist church in Ireland and Great Britain together as part of the British Union Conference really steps up and owns its community. From the environment to their latest stand against crime, they are present, vocal and active. They are a role model for us all!

All the faith and none of the guilt? A Cultural Adventist writes about the history of cultural Adventism.

Go back to school with Claremont School of Theology student Trisha Famisaran as she shares a bibliography and more in her post Theology of the Body.

Adventist feminist Johnny A. Ramirez hears Mary Byler and remains cynical of, and mostly unimpressed by, Amish forgiveness.

Law student locus standi must have attorney friends to take on the subject of Israel, Apartheid, and the Occupied Territories.

Brethren Priestess writes that the HOW matters, too in her criticism of Sojourners sexism.

Frequent Spectrum Blog commenter Dr. Thomas J. Zwemer in his new blog Goethic (great title!) writes on the four G's of Christianity.

Spectrum contributor and newly installed Pastor Trevan Osborn lets us in on the key to quality ministry.

USC Ph.D. student Ron Osborn still has us laughing with his latest haiku.

Adventist Environmental Advocacy talks about trashing outer space.

Catalan Adventist Ferran Sabate writes from his missionary journey in Bolivia on Precarnaval.

Read about Adventists and Masons at Hobbes Place.

We want to encourage Jonathan Scriven of Just Inside the Beltway to start blogging again!

Revisit the evolution vs. creation debate with Michael Petersen.

Newbold alum Andrew Willis asks- How does the US Adventist view the rest of the world?

The Adventist Peace Fellowship and Christians for Peace in Iraq are organizing events on March 16, 2007(PDF). Is your congregation joining this effort?

Adventist Women for Peace thinks you should be involved in the Adventist Peace Fellowship partnership.

Our own Alexander Carpenter writes a worthy roundup of the Christian web for Faith in Public Life.

Britain's great abolitionist, William Wilberforce, worked to change society's values, not just its laws, reports Christianity Today.

Read Monte Sahlin at Faith in Context review the Amazing Grace Sunday movement which draws on the recent movie on William Wilberforce, Amazing Grace.

And finally, test your Sabbath School Skills by taking this Bible Quiz from Just Pastors.

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