Adventist Blog Potluck

(system) #1

By Johnny A. Ramirez Jr.

Image is from Pastorin blogi, the blog of Ansku Jaakkola, pastor of three congregations in Finland.

Pastor Mike Leno (Ontario, CA) asks in GraceNotes- Would Jesus torture his enemies?

The British Union Conference is reducing climate change one church at a time. Read two posts promoting "An Advent Peacemaking Opportunity" by Ryan Bell and Melvin Bray.

Monte Sahlin in Faith in Context notes that Jews for Jesus have taken evangelism too far.

David R. Larson in Ponder Anew! reviews Physics to Theology: An Essay in Rationality and Religion by Philip Clayton.

Ron Osborn, currently trekking across Africa on his way to hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, leaves us an enjoyable read recounting his chance meeting with acclaimed singer and onetime attorney general John Ashcroft.

Sherman Cox of Adventist Pulpit notes that John Ashcroft will be speaking at the coming NAD Prayer Ministries conference. Read another take on the same conference by Ryan Bell at intersections.

Greg Brothers posts a Christmas 2006 wish list listing things he'd like to see from Adventism.

Trisha Farmisaran (Faamisaaaran) of Adventist Gender Justice ponders the name game.Alexander Carpenter does a great job editing and publishing podcasts from the Coeur d’Alene Conference.

Hobbes Place looks into Phrenology–The Adventist Connection.

Just Pastors asks What fires you up in Ministry?

Newly employed Associate Pastor Trevan Osborn (kudos on the house!) asks in Divergence what you'd do if and when Bill Gates joins your church.

Ron Corson asks- are pastors less informed about culture in America?

Torsten Pedersen in Locus Standi asks Christ or Amnesty?

The Pilgrimage has this past week posted a series of thoughts for the day.

Johnny A. Ramirez thinks you should see "Blood Diamond" this weekend.

... and not Adventist but still interesting

Christianity Today asks if some people take loving Jesus a bit too seriously in a post entitled Dating Jesus.

Mainstream Baptists tackle recent attacks on "private prayer languages" in their post Go Babble Somewhere Else.

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