Adventist Blog Potluck

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Ah. . .the comity of nations. Photo from a 3ABN visit to La Sierra University last year.

At Divergence, seminarian Trevan Osborn continues his great discussion of the effectiveness of evangelistic mailings. Sound boring? It's not, in a previous post he reveals some San Francisco bloggers complaining about the Adventist fliers.

Danish blogger kb-Adventist opposes small groups.

Community organizer, now asst. pastor and prolific blogger Johnny rips into evangelical pastor Mark Discoll who blames the Ted Haggard disaster on Haggard's wife. Read why here.

After you read that, check out the empirical evidence on egalitarian marriage at Trisha's Adventist Gender Justice blog.

Re-inventing the Adventist Wheel examines Christianity as a demographic.

Historian, Hobbes' Place revisits the story of Adventist civil rights pioneer Irene Morgan.

At intersections, Hollywood pastor Ryan mourns the loss of anti-tobacco CA prop. 86.

Greg, the Oregon Adventist Pastor, notes that speaking in tongues is a control issue.

Poll time! At Adventist Pulpit, Sherman asks: Should we combine the union conference and the local conference levels? Vote here.

For his blog, Faith in Context, Monte Sahlin points out the connection between church growth and creativity.

Feel like a bit o' football and philosophy, check out Ron Osborn's Deserts of Vast Eternity video post, if only to catch Marx warming up.

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