Adventist Blog Potluck

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Here's some sharp blogs by emerging Adventist thinkers and leaders.

Hobbes' Place posts his favorite sources for Adventist history on the web. Did you know about the Jenks Memorial Collection at Aurora University? It's a school that was started by another remnant of the Millerites.

Care about Adventist gender justice?

So does La Sierra alum and Claremont graduate student, Trisha Famisaran.

She just started her blog, Adventist Feminists and has a comment on the recent statement about "giving and not getting" by our elected female leaders.

She defines feminisms here.

Ron Osborn, studying political science at USC, weighs in on the body count in Iraq. Having worked in places like Kosvo, Cambodia, Thailand, and parts of Africa, he brings an experienced perspective to the debate about how many people are dying in the Iraq disaster. He muses: "Why is it strangely comforting to me to read conservative pundits in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere dismissing the latest Johns Hopkins study on Iraqi fatalities by way of appealing to the greater authority, wisdom, and accuracy of the United Nations?"

Hollywood pastor, Ryan Bell hosted a ONE campaign "hunger banquet" at his Adventist church. What? Are those fellowship halls for more than cooking classes and Rev. seminars? Check out the fun here.

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