Adventist bloggers continue to ponder Pastor Boyd

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Sherman at Adventist Pulpit points out what happens when "When a Mega Church Disowns the Republican Party."

He writes, "Pastor Boyd, Thanks for reminding us that Christianity is not synonymous with American Nationalism, but don't let us vacate the public arena. The world needs the witness of the true Christ."

Adventist media watcher, Ron Corson, sees only politics, not religion, and attacks what he sees as "over the top generalization" and concomitant divisiveness.

And seminarian Trevan Osborn, actually writing before the Times article, candidly ponders the fine line of pastors and politics. "I am a Democrat. I agree with their stands on most issues and don't see myself changing anytime soon. Yet, if I like a Republican candidate better than the Democrat, I'll vote for them. Just because I'm a Democrat does not mean I'm obstinate, close-minded, and unwilling to change my mind on an issue. I can say the same things about most other Democrats and Republicans. We need to move past the idea that just because we consider ourselves a Democrat or Republican we can't embrace, accept, and appreciate those who view things differently."

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