Adventist Center for Conflict Resolution Is Training Thousands in Mediation

Richard Pershing, director of the Center for Conflict Resolution at La Sierra University, talks about why mediation training is important, how the pandemic furthered the work of the center, and how Adventists around the world are benefiting from the learning the skills of conflict resolution.

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Thank you for this article about the Center for Conflict Resolution. I appreciate the tie-in with peace making, restoration and anti-bullying. What a gift this is, this resource for Adventists.

How does one go about signing up for this training in conflict resolution?

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Any chance that this tool could be used to help a certain president of the church and his so-called adversaries.

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When my colleague James Barnes and I were school psychologists in the Porterville Unified School District, California, we would train students in Conflict Resolution with added specific training to some students to assume the role of Mediators. This is a valid way to decrease conflict and violence. The January 1995 edition of Thrust For Educational Leadership, Association of California School Administrators, has my article on how Conflict Resolution can be effectively implemented in a public school setting.

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