Adventist Church Among the Black Churches Set on Fire in South

Historic, if you were to dig deeper to find the common thread between the “white supremacists and headship adherents” issue, you will be convinced that only the names are different. The common thread is that of robbing someone of their right to equality, dignity and individualism by force or “divine” fiat.


Who knows? Do you? While I doubt it, stranger things have happened.

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And most KKK members IQ is the same as their shoe size, however, I do not classify all mentally challenged people as members of the Klan.

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Racism is more subconscious and even unconscious than acknowledged and overt. Seventh-day Adventist male headship theorists are no doubt unaware of their racism. That the same sort of people who are burning down African-American churches are writing letters threatening to kill women pastors underscores the reality that racism and gender-based prejudice are two peas in a pod.

I guess you object to being compared to a white supremacist because you picture in your mind that white supremacists are bad. In reality, white supremacists are for the most part good people. They have a strong sense of morality. They have a high view of Scripture. They share your hermeneutical approach to Scripture. On the website, I have conversed with white supremacists who feel that their high view of Scripture necessitates endorsement of the institution of slavery. I have enjoyed Sabbath lunches with white supremacists. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is full of white supremacists.

We have long struggled with the issue of ordination in the context of race that mirrors the current struggle in the context of gender. An overwhelming percentage of Seventh-day Adventists until a couple of generations ago believed that blacks are cursed by God and inferior to whites. Regional conferences were established in part to ensure that no ordained black person would ever exercise authority over whites. But for the race-based division of the Church that was formalized by the creation of the regional conferences, the Church until a couple of generations ago would not have ordained a black person to the Gospel ministry.

Seventh-day Adventist male headship theorists claim in their writings that women are also cursed by God, as it were, at the Creation and that they are inferior to men. There is no feasible way to divide the church along gender lines as we did along racial lines, but separate departments and ministries were formed within the Church in order to give women leadership opportunities that did not involve the exercise of authority over men. As you can see, we are repeating the cycle of prejudice-based division in the Church.


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I had the fortunate situation of treating a prepuberty male at the beginning of my career whose father was known as the “Chief KKK” in a central PA county. The family was pleased with the treatment outcome and elected to follow with outpatient care. Just prior to his inpatient DC, I told the boy to tell his father that “Dr. Cupino is from the Philippines.” I met the father later on who turned out to have as IQ score 12 times his shoe size of 9.5. He was a civic leader in town too and attended church regularly.


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You are following the assumption that since all Klansmen are white supremacists that all headship adherents are white and are supremacists. This view is racist in itself. The world is full of people who support headship, are not white, nor are they all men. I suggest you stop generalizing and instead focus on the offending group.

I am certain that if I were using the same words to describe any other race or those living a non-heterosexual lifestyle that you did towards white headship proponents, that the posts would be blasting me up one side and down the other as a racist or bigot. Your words, sir, are no different.

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That is an outright falsehood and you know it. Your posts twist and distort what is said. Is that the only way you can win converts to your ideology?

[quote=“tjzwemer, post:18, topic:8660”]
Why was it necessary to expunge portions of Great Controversy? Wasn’t it because those portions were hostile to segments of Christainity?
[/quote]It seems that the GC, and by extension SDA’ism, is hostile to 99.999% of Christianity, when you consider the condemnation of Catholicism and Protestantism. Not much left after that to condemn as apostates.

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Read my essay Eve’s Higher Sphere Hopes, which you can find on this Blog. It discusses in detail the belief of Seventh-day Adventist male headship theorists that women are assigned by God a sphere that lies between the sphere assigned to men and the sphere assigned to the animals. The essay also discusses the belief of the theorists that God did not endow women with the capability of differentiating right from wrong away from their husbands’ respective sides. Specific citations to the works written by the theorists are provided in the essay.

Clinton and Gina Wahlen in their recent book reaffirm their belief in the inferiority of women with a personal anecdote. In David Read’s review of the book, he states: “Gina tells a very poignant personal story to illustrate the benefits of a wife’s submission to her husband. Clinton purchased an expensive supplemental cancer policy because their regular insurance would not cover everything related to cancer treatment. Looking at the substantial money deducted from their take-home pay, and noting that they were both very healthy, Gina argued that they should drop the cancer rider. But Clinton was firm, and Gina, thinking specifically of Eph. 5:22-25, submitted to Clinton’s decision. A month later, Gina was diagnosed with cancer, which entailed frequent doctor visits, lab tests, major surgery, and radiation treatments, all of which were covered by the supplemental insurance.” The lesson offered by the Wahlens is that women have been rendered by their Creator too stupid to make a decision related to health care coverage, so they should submit to their husbands who have greater Creator-endowed capabilities. And if women do not submit, they will not survive. They will not be saved. And they will imperil others as Eve imperiled the entire human race.


I did not say anything about Klansmen. And I did not say anything about racism being comprised solely of white supremacy. If the Seventh-day Adventist Church during the GC Sessions in 1985 and 1990 had chosen to affirm Galatians 3:28 in its entirety rather than articulate prejudice against women, the GC delegate and President of South Rwanda Mission Elizaphan Ntakirutimana may have learned something that would have dissuaded him from taking a significant leadership role in the Rwanda Genocide that resulted in the deaths of over 800,000 people. Prejudice in all of its forms is odious, including prejudice against women. Where you and I differ is that you believe that there is a meaningful distinction between racism and male headship theory. I would no more dichotomize prejudice into racism and male headship theory than I would dichotomize prejudice against women into prejudice against blondes and prejudice against brunettes. There is nothing more pitiful than seeing a person in a low caste exercise prejudice against someone in a lower caste.