Adventist Church in Canada Reaffirms Priesthood of All Believers

Editor’s Note: The following statement was voted by the Board of Directors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC) and released on November 21, 2018.

SDACC Board Releases Statement on Women’s Ordination


The Board of Directors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC) hereby affirm:

1. Consistent with the July 11, 1990, decision of the General Conference Session, “… the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen G. White … affirm a significant, wide-ranging, and continuing ministry for women, which is being expressed and will be evidenced in the varied and expanding gifts according to the infilling of the Holy Spirit”;

2. That General Conference Working Policy A 15 15 permits men and women pastors who are “called and empowered by the Holy Spirit and driven by love for souls”;

3. In accordance with the 1984 decision of the General Conference’s Annual Council, local churches may “elect and ordain a woman as a local church elder”;

4. That it is the responsibility of all church organizations to prayerfully find a way to work in unity; and

5. That every Bible-believing man, woman, and child of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada is part of the priesthood of believers and is commissioned by Jesus to focus on the soul-winning mission of the church.


Le Comité exécutif de l’Église adventiste du septième jour au Canada (ÉASJC) atteste par la présente que :

1. Conformément à la décision prise le 11 juillet 1990 lors de la Session de la Conférence générale, « … Les Écritures et les écrits d’Ellen G. White… confirment que le ministère des femmes est vaste, important, et continu, qu’il est exprimé et qu’il sera constaté dans les dons variés et croissants que leur accorde le Saint-Esprit »;

2. Le règlement sur le travail de la Conférence générale A 15 15 permet aux hommes et aux femmes qui sont « appelés et habilités par le Saint-Esprit et menés par l’amour des âmes » d’être pasteurs;

3. D’après la décision prise en 1984 par le Conseil annuel de la Conférence générale, les églises locales peuvent « nommer et consacrer des femmes comme anciennes d’une église locale »;

4. Toutes les entités de l’Église ont la responsabilité de trouver le moyen, par la prière, de travailler dans l’unité; et

5. Tous les hommes, toutes les femmes et tous les enfants de l’Église adventiste du septième jour au Canada qui croient à la Bible font partie du sacerdoce de tous les croyants et sont envoyés par Jésus à participer activement à la mission de l’Église qui consiste à gagner des âmes pour son Royaume.


This statement originally appeared on the Canadian Adventist Messenger website, the official magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada.

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The statement from the Canadian Union Conference on its face seems laudable but Donald Trump would label it FAKE NEWS!

Because the Canadian Adventist clergywomen are still decidedly second class citizens.

They are. not ordained and therefore have an effective “glass ceiling “ that
stifles any achievement of higher office.

This statement is
meaningless moonshine,
hot air hokum
and blatant blather,
until the Canadian Adventists find some effective way of treating their male and female clergy with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY!

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I applaud the statement. It sounds great.

But, to eliminate any erroneous impression of hypocrisy, I ask: How many women are ordained ministers in that Union?

Hope we get an answer.

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as with the SPD statement, i take this canadian statement as an indication of support for NAD’s response to battle creek…they are couching it in terms of a framework of respect for the GC, but it clearly isn’t a statement of support for san antonio or battle creek, or MH…alberta’s camp meeting has recently had two former senior women pastors, hyveth williams (the first in the adventist church, now at andrews’ seminary) and elizabeth talbot (director of NAD’s jesus101 biblical institute), as featured week long speakers…they were both very well received…

we don’t have ordination for women pastors yet…but i think it’s just a matter of time…one of our churches here in calgary is headed up by a woman pastor, pastor honey todd…


The only good points of that statement are points 1, 4, and 5. Its a pity that the problem ones are hidden in the middle, but like error, they hide best when surrounded by truth; so much harder to be discerned.

How is Hyveth Williams these days, haven’t heard for ages. Reports of her early days were not very good.


While I definitely agree with this statement I am disappointed that the SDACC did not take this opportunity to at least affirm the NAD statement on Unity. The silence on this point is deafening. Hopefully a further statement will be forthcoming.

She appears to be doing fine these days:

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hyveth williams is an amazing speaker…she gives you goose bumps…she really gets into her subject…

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I meant more what others are saying about her. The link you sent, while interesting, should be regarded as the politicians bio about him/herself. They don’t tell any of the bad, how much graft money they received and acted upon, how much they influenced the vote according to the industry lobby group wishes, but only paint the rosy picture of themselves. I will have to look further to get a complete picture.

I might have a different criteria than you, perhaps. I get deeply interested at the seriousness of the speaker, how he/she regards the text, if its exegesis oriented. How serious is the tone, does he/she really believe both the Bible and SOP on this message. And a sincerity of the subject, even if he/she is not the best speaker, is more important that a goose-bumpy flamboyant tell you jokes speaker. Sometimes the two are poles apart. In the early days, Hyveth was of the frivolous jokes kind, so I was wondering if that had changed, and she was impressing her listeners of the shortness of the time left, and our need to be in Christ, and ready for the trouble ahead.

I will have to keep looking unless you can supply references or links to the likes of Youtube for me to look at.

By the way, how is Samuel Koranteng-Pipim these days, haven’t heard for ages. He used to be a serious speaker, strongly believed both the Bible and SOP, and surely emphasized our need to be ready for the coming of Christ. Reports of his later days were not very good, though.


Let me know where you look…since even Ted Wilson has his “bad” out there. :grinning:

A wonderful speaker, compassionate and kind, according to a friend of mine. She is a dynamic and energetic speaker who knows her stuff. Adventism could use more of her kind,

I believe he is hanging out in Africa these days where he still has supporters. No one is missing him here…especially women. :confounded:


How “short” is time, Jimmy? My family has been in the church for 6 or more generations and we are all still here (except those departed of course). No one knows when He will come except Him…unless you have inside info. :smile:


she still uses jokes here and there, but i wouldn’t call them frivolous, or out of place…the big thing with hyveth williams is that she speaks in a way that captures your imagination and touches your heart…she does a lot of research, so that when she uses a bible story, she lays out the context with many cultural details that make you understand the situation, and feel that you’re there…and she’s very dramatic in her descriptions…by the end of her message, you feel like you’ve experience something real that you can take home with you…it’s a real blessing to hear her…

i think she’s studied homiletics a great deal (she teaches homiletics at andrews), but in her case, she also has a particular talent for speaking that moves and energizes a crowd…

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Don’t know much about Samuel. Interesting ploy to change the subject from WO kind of advocate situation, to what may be an entirely different situation altogether. But if you know of anything, please share.

Changing the subject to the ever popular hate Wilson again won’t help truth in the least.

As many at this site has many who no longer believe in the SOP, I hope you are different. There are several places where she cautions against jesting, joking, and trifling speech is out of place in the pulpit, and for those in particular who are supposed to deliver the serious messages involving salvation and these last days.

I could say the same thing as you do in your opening paragraph about Hyveth being also a signal description of Walter Veith and others. He too makes a story come alive, with details I have trouble visualizing Hyveth anywhere near approaching.

Your description in that paragraph tells me she could also be a Pentecostal pastor as many of them are similar in the (as the French say) dramatique of their descriptions. They excite the fancy, titilate the senses, and give them a heightened good feeling for the moment, but little of the deep life-changing word ever pressed home to the heart. And yet if you were to speak to the listeners, and often times participants, they would tell you the complete opposite. Such is the effect of these meetings.

“she also has a particular talent for speaking that moves and energizes a crowd…” does not make you realize how much you are drawn to “experience” which might not be the same as described in the SOP: “Just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads–it is not any seal or mark that can be seen, but a settling into the truth, both intellectually and spiritually, so they cannot be moved–just as soon as God’s people are sealed and prepared for the shaking, it will come.” FLB 287.

That sounds like the experience needed in these days where our entire faith, and faithfulness will be tested by fiery trials. The fun-loving joking preachers have nothing on preparing a soul for that. EGW warns of the jesting and joking by speakers from the desk, and even after they leave the desk, because many will lose the seriousness of the saving message or the times we are living in by that frame of mind.

That was my concern in the past, and from what you have described here, it seems not to have changed. In the few sermons I heard many years ago she even gave sanction to her illegal smuggling a fruit (mango) into her luggage because she loves them so much, along with some other wrongs. But it was minimized because she did it. I’m talking about her sermon message introductions in particular.

We have had several speakers in the church over the years, who have dramatized Scripture to suit their particular sermon line of thought. Morris Venden had the woman taken in adultery in the setup by the Pharisees as being dragged there with no clothing on her bottom half, with absolutely no Scriptural or SOP evidence. That the cultural evidence would have strictly prohibited this, was ignored in order to add to the dramatic effect he wanted to portray. Far too few picked up on this problem. They loved the dramatic descriptions and energizing speech that moved them to an experience. Sound familiar? That is why I am cautious about such flamboyant speakers, who rely on jokes and possible cultural details that may, or may not be true to the biblical story.

I pray you are more careful in listening to her, and practice what the noble Bereans did. They even tested the apostles by the word of God.

Apparently sooner than we think, but longer than we wish for. John Bunyan was quite insightful when he wrote that.

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