Adventist Church in the Netherlands: "Leaders - All Genders May Apply"

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Netherlands has created a new website that places gender parity literally front and center. The home page of the website,  (also in Dutch at, reads "Leaders *all genders may apply." 

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Equality of the sexes and being the leader of social justice in the world is part of the Dutch genes, the Dutch Adventist leaders can do no other.

The Noble William of Orange would be pleased at the progress.
The Netherlands always at the front of maintaining its Protestant reformation.
It is part of the Dutch National psyche to show the way to to human equality, equilibrium of all the sexualities .

Think! Ask? Who introduced Parliamentary Democracy to the world? Which country formulated the worlds first charter of Human Rights? From which country in the world did Jefferson plagiarised the US Declaration of Independence?
Which country Provided the seed capital to get the US started and paid the wages for George Washington’s revolutionary Army? Which country loaned the cash to purchase Louisiana?
Which country was the first in the to legalise Euthanasia , Gay marriage. Which republic was the first to decriminalise homosexuality in 1791, repeat 1791!
Which country in the world has always welcomed refugees of conscience, beginning with receiving Jewish refugees in 1465 and continuing for hundreds of years. Which Republic gave sheltered to the tired masses of the world before the US ever came on the scene ?

Which country in the world has never ever had book sensor ship and practiced thought control?

It is inconceivable to the educated and enlightened Dutch mind not to have equality of women in any sense .

It is also inconceivable that the American type of ideological Christianity and that includes Adventism, has any place in Dutch society, never has and never will.

The Dutch Adventist Church is light years ahead of the total inclusiveness and equality of all peoples. Everybody is welcomed in the Dutch SDA Church and that includes same sex families.The American Adventist mind is light years away from such decency and enlightenment .


Rather than a principled enlightened moral stance…Netherlands is the Las Vegas of Europe…not the best model but it seems its lucrative.

And you’ve been to the Netherlands? Do you dispute the historical facts as enumerated above? How do you read that and get to Las Vegas?


Small as the low countries are, they are willingly accepting more refugees per capita than many nations closer to the refugees.

They have always been leaders in free hospitalization, free education, and caring for their own citizens first. Centuries ago they gave up their attempts to possess more territory and realized that making their own citizens content would lead to more peace in their own countries.

Now, let’s see if there will be any response from the G.C. as they have carefully reviewed the working policy and they have every right to act as they have.


Headship theology has no place in the Christian church. Quaker founder George Fox understood this when in 1674 he wrote:

“ And some men say, “Men must have the Power and superiority over the woman, because God says, ‘The man must rule over his wife, and that man is not of woman, but the woman is of the man’” (Gen 3:16). Indeed, after man fell, that command was. But before man fell, there was no such command. For they were both meet-helps. They were both to have dominion over all that God made. . . And as man and woman are restored again, by Christ, up into the image of God, they both have dominion again in Righteousness and Holiness, and are helps-meet, as before they fell.

This Quaker “Testimony of Equality” has guided and informed European and American society for over three centuries. It has been instrumental in the suffrage and emancipation efforts throughout U.S. history. We, as Seventh-day Adventists are late in recognizing it as it relates to gender equality in ministry, but we are destined and determined to recognize it now.


I can barely contain my surprise and joy that the Adventist Church in the Netherlands has now recognized the right not just of cisgendered but transgendered and others to become ministers in the church.

It has been an enough for women to be denied this, but to welcome every gender variation is an epic leap forward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


It was obviously satire


I applaud the courage and conviction of the Dutch. May we too stand firm and united with them.

It is not the color of my skin,
the sex chromosome I inherited,
the culture from which I was raised,
my height, weight, eye color,
profession, wealth, status,
nor even the religion that I practice
that gives me the capacity
and authority for leadership.

I am God’s creation - that is sufficient.


I think that was rude and disrespectful. To generalize to the noble people of an entire country your limited perceptions of their society is to bear false witness. You know what that is? According to the 10 Commandments, it is_______


Keith Paulisse, you make me PROUD of my Dutch heritage!

As does the Adventist church in the Netherlands!
They set a SPLENDID example for all to follow.

MOLEN, in my family name means WINDMILLS in Dutch,
my ancestors being millers. My name literally means"From the windmills"
My grandfather was born in GRONIGEN in the Netherlands,
and Amsterdam is my favorite Eiropean capital.


If defying the will of the body is “courage and conviction,” rather than stubbornness and rebellion, then your applause is commendable. Otherwise, it might be wise to divest oneself of the baggage inherent in this debate and look at the bigger picture. Extrapolating from this to other issues, a precedent like this (along with what some other Unions have done) could lead to a church as divided and disparate as many other denominations out there–like Baptists, for instance. But, it appears to me that this is what some folks would like. “United we stand; divided we fall.” Actions such as that taken by the Dutch only further division, not unity.

I’m also tired of false dichotomies being set up, as in the one proposed by Steve: “1. Unity – Constrict the number of persons who can preach the Gospel. 2. Rebellion – Preach the Gospel, and enlist as many as possible.”

Anyone can preach the Gospel, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, or nationality. The little slave girl in Namaan’s household was doing that very thing, without ordination or any other kind of recognition–except having her story recorded in the sacred Record.


Danes may look normal to the common foreigner. They brush their teeth morning and night, walk their dogs after work and know right from left. But look again—these people are strange and very wise. Danes are a happy people. They do, however, have five habits and laws that are for me a bit “wierd”.

Perhaps the General Conference of SDA ought to “study” these five weird customs to see if there is any relationship or lesson about life, as to why they are so wise, in treating their female Adventist Pastors with respect. Headship Theology proponents are hard to find in Denmark. Here is a countdown of five things the Danes do that are downright different:

  1. J-Day
    As if the Danes needed another excuse, there’s J-day. The J stands for ’Juleøl,’ and it’s a holiday that marks the tapping of the extra-special Christmas beverage. Horses-drawn carriages lead beer kegs throughout the city and Danes wear ugly blue hats with fur on them. This year’s J-day is November 5th.

  2. Bats: can’t live with them, but don’t you dare live without them
    In Denmark bats, or flagermus as they call them, are protected by law. That means that you cannot harm or kill a bat. If bats come in to your house and do not leave, you cannot poison or harm them.

  3. Honk if you love a working car
    Danish laws mandate that every time you start your car you have to check that it works properly. This is accomplished by checking the breaks, lights, steering and, oh yes, honking the car horn.

  4. Swim with the spirit of the Vikings
    Danes embrace the near-freezing water of the ocean, just like their ancestors the Vikings, some say. They may not be able to feel their limbs, but they look authentic.

  5. Let your true colors shine through. But keep them inside
    National pride is good…as long as it’s Danish. The Danes mandate that no other flag other than the Dannebrog (Danish flag) should be flown in the country.

Let’s move the General Conference to Denmark!


I recall the tragic events of the Council of Dort. The is a lot of Calvin disipline in the Church leaders today. In my time the fight was over prophecy, now it is over policy. Here I think leadership has over played their hand. tom Z


I am saddened to see that church leadership has permitted mutual respect and dialog to collapse. Trenches are being constructed in opposing websites, sides chosen. Separation and alienation will follow from this theological-cultural war. Then ex-communication—convert, be silent or leave. Then disgruntlement of the lambs.

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According to BLC we have to choose between one to two Choices.

  1. Unity – Constrict the number of persons who can preach the Gospel.
  2. Rebellion – Preach the Gospel, and enlist as many as possible, ALL Believers, to do so.

Our Dutch friends, Norwegian friends, have elected to Preach the Gospel.
Praise God!


I congratulate you for your courageous and right decision. This matter is not one to be decided by vote. It is a matter of the conscience just like we do not vote whether we should consider blacks to be equal with whites. It is also denying that God supports discrimination and women being unequal to men.

Sakae Kubo


Did we read the same article? Where did you see that?

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If PUC were disbanded and reorganized, I doubt there would be as great of loss as you think. A lot of folks in that union do not support their leadership and would be glad to pony up to fill the coffers.

We in Australia are the descendants of convicts. The British gentry of impeccable morality banished our ancestors to Down Under. Our forebears habitually stole handkerchieves and bread rolls and hit little old ladies on the jaw. We are very naughty by nature but, today, we have nothing significant to report about WO.
The South Pacific Division has issued a perfunctory statement affirming women in ministry but that’s not newsworthy. The SDA church has always affirmed women in ministry.
We are waiting on action from our Union Conferences. They are busy re-arranging the office furniture and wondering if it might be a good idea to hide their money in the tax-friendly Caymen Islands but no word from them yet on WO. Are we losing our rebellious streak? Perhaps. Or it may simply be that the office furniture is the overwhelming priority.