Adventist Church in the Netherlands: "Leaders - All Genders May Apply"

Too late, sorry. The GC has already decided to move to Africa. Then they will be sending missionaries to the US, Europe, and Australia. And will be supporting these three regions with generous monetary contributions.

A few countries in Africa are fighting for the GC to move to their place, so it’s not yet clear which country will get the trophy… Stay tuned, though.


It confounds common sense why the anti-WO group wants to restrict the number of people preaching the Gospel and label anyone called to do so who is female (or any who support those females who preach the Gospel) as “rebellious” for answering the call of the Holy Spirit.

How can Christians embrace the Gospel Commission to go to all the world, claim that Christ is coming soon, devote resources and “manpower” to its urgency and shove a stopping hand in the face of females who are called to “Go into all the world”? Then arrogantly label them as “rebellious” for following the command of Christ?

Shaking my head.


Is it really possible that so many believers are utterly deceived by the evil one on this issue? That WO is the match igniting the "shaking?? That the Holy Spirit has “departed” from tens of thousands of believers who support WO and who read the Bible and Ellen White very differently? It is mind-boggling to think that church leadership could not have foreseen this astoundingly foolish controversy given its failure to provide solid education to all members in how to read and understand the Scriptures. Very, very sad and irresponsible.


Keith Paulusse seeks to paint the Netherlands as “Equality of the sexes and being the leader of social justice in the world is part of the Dutch genes…” and he ends his contribution with "The American Adventist mind is light years away from such decency and enlightenment ."
as if The country was a bastion of morals and decency.
The true facts and history are that faced with very little arable land they were forced to become quite adept at generating revenue from every source including those from prostitution drugs and slavery.
Become educated and see if Keiths words match the history.
“The Netherlands always at the front of maintaining its Protestant reformation.” ~Keith Paulusse~
More scandinavian enlightenment?

When the choice is to defy the will of the body or to defy the will of the Head, the right answer should be clear to all christians.


i think the calculus may have been that a general conference vote would settle the matter because everyone would automatically fall in line…but this is just the mistake that king rehoboam made, a mistake that cost him 10 of the 12 tribes of israel…

i completely agree that the whole wo debacle is an example of unwise general conference leadership…perhaps it is an example of ted wilson pushing the josiah agenda one step too far…i believe this continuing wo fall-out may be a sign that new leaders are in order…i can’t see how the leaders that plunged us into san antonio can possibly keep us together now…