Adventist Church in the Netherlands Unchanged by Ordination Vote

Following the discussion and vote on ordination at the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday, July 9 in which the Worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to pursue its current course on the ordination of women, the Adventist Church in the Netherlands has issued the following statement:

The delegates of the Dutch churches voted at their Session in the autumn of 2012 to ordain women in an equal way to their male colleagues. The vote took effect in June 2013 and will remain in effect. The decision of the General Conference Session in San Antonio does not change this.

Female pastors will continue to be ordained in the Netherlands Union Conference. We thank God that he calls men and women to serve him. We want to enthusiastically confirm that call by the laying on of hands.

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Well, that didn’t take long…


Good on them for standing by their convictions.


Hahahahaha… That is true


The Netherlands Union is ahead of most of us in recognizing, accepting, and relating to the needs of the postmodern world in which some of us live. I am proud of them!

I believe my own union will be considering this issue at its next constituency meeting in August.


I fully support the quick reaction by the Dutch church. It makes me proud and grateful to be a church member in the Netherlands. I hope and trust that, as Dutch Adventists, we will continue to find creative ways to share the old message in innovative ways to the public in one of the most secular countries in the world. We praise our Lord for a definite measure of success in the past years.


No politicking there, just saying it like it is. Sometimes you just have to stand for what is right.


This was exactly my prediction months ago. That the vote would be NO, and after that those Unions that decided so would go ahead and ordain their female pastors according to the Unions’ decisions and not following the orders dictated by other peoples around the globe that have a different cultural structure.

So Netherlands is first. Who’s next?

@elmer_cupino: This completes my series of predictions, aka prophecies. ALL of them fulfilled perfectly, with no flaws. Good enough?

@TonyR: No false prophet here! What about that, uh? Man, I really deserve that “Certificate of Prophet” you awarded me months ago!!! Thanks again!


Thank you to the the Nobel , principled and ethical Dutch…who absolutely include all people into Christ’s family, women, GLTBI familes and their children.

Traveling the true path of Christ, inclusion and love…indeed a Church I could love.

Thomas Jefferson loved and respected the Dutch people so much that he copied…plagiarised …the American Declaration of Independence from the Dutch Declaration of Independence dated 1881.

EGW says of the Dutch Reformation Leaders !“
Under the noble William of Orange the Revolution at last brought to Holland freedom to worship God.” GC240

Freedom being the operative, how Free and Equal are Adventist women?
Is equality and freedom worth striving for?

May be now in 2015 The Lord is yet again using the Dutch as beacons of enlightenment.
The Lord , EGW says, had used another Dutchman Erasmus who published his Greek and Latin version of the New Testament. Now for the first time the word of God was printed in the original tongue. In this work many errors of former versions were corrected, and the sense was more clearly rendered. It led many among the educated classes to a better knowledge of the truth, and gave a new impetus to the work of reform.

Praise The Netherlands for leadership during the Protestant Reformation and for today’s leadership against bigotry, selected love, exclusivism . Thank you to The Dutch SDA’s for being amongst the world’s recognised leaders of Human Rights…its all in your genes.

We thank the Gay Christian Bankers of Amsterdam to finance George Washington Revolutionary Army and provided seed money to established the USA to the tune of US$ 2 Billion dollars. Later on the US again came cap in hand to the Gay Bankers to ask for money to purchase Loisiana from the Dutch.

No wonders the Dutch were the Prime Leaders of the Protestant reformation


I want to be a member of the Dutch Church…can I transfer my membership.? What a Church full of love , intelligence and inclusiveness. Truly and absolutely reflecting totally the Agape love that I find so appealing. Bless the Dutxg SeventhDay Adventist Church


You’re now in the “Prophets’s Hall of Fame.” Not even EGW can come close to your percentages. Congratulations.


Dank u voor het licht van God in de wereld, Nederland SDA Unie Conferentie. Trots op mijn Nederlandse broeders en zusters! Hoera, Holland!

" Thank you for being a light for God in the world, Netherlands SDA Union Conference. Proud of my Dutch brothers and sisters! Hooray, Holland!"


Too bad… This was their chance to repent…
You know what, "Vengeance is the Lord’s and He will repay."
GC is not going to force anyone, whether they have power to do so or not.
But God is of justice.
Too bad, Holland.

(Excessive, judgmental! - webEd)


Why should it change just because of the votes? To begin with, the GC declared no theological/biblical basis of WO. The GC should be burdened for bungling this issue. Let’s see how skilled these guys are in resolving the “grave consequences” of their poor management.

Let there be more Unions to stand up and be counted like the church in Netherlands.


Well, also in Holland sainthood comes in degrees. :smile:


Maybe I should move to the Netherlands, or perhaps just move my membership there. Is that possible?

It would be pretty funny if we could, and if soon the church there has more members than people that actually live in the Netherlands.


I hope the Germans will follow soon! I’m very proud of you in Holland!


The vote was only for the divisions, right? So, if that’s the case, then they could do that since they have the authority to ordain, and not be going against the vote. This will get messy fast.


No it didn’t. I guess the real issue of whether women should be ordained or not at all wasn’t addressed for the Unions, just the divisions…


The headquarters of the progressive church could be established in the Netherlands. The GC could relocate to Africa. And conferences and unions in North America can choose which to realign with.