Adventist Community Services Responds to Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Adventist Community Services (ACS) is partnering with local authorities in Flint, Michigan to provide drinking water to residents there during a city-wide water crisis.

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This was a disaster waiting to happen, which it did.
The Flint, MI governing body is at fault in this. They did not do their homework. Their whole system, from the water filtration plant to the tubes that would finally come out with water in the homes were ill prepared to provide safe water.
It has nothing to do with anyone who lives and works in the state capitol.
They thought they would save money. All it did was put a whole city in danger.

Friday-- In the newspaper via a news service, it was asking if this would have happened if it was a “White City” and not a “Black City”.
Attempting to make this a White vs Black citizens thing. Instead of just a Public Health Issue.


The decision-making that led to this disaster of catastrophic proportions has resulted in a billion-dollar boondoggle. Very tragic. The last thing the unfortunate victims of Flint need is politicians seeking to exploit their plight.


It is good to see the Adventist church involved in projects for the betterment of their community.