Adventist Forum Announces 2016 Conference Program

The 2016 Adventist Forum Annual Conference, Non-violence and the Atonement, will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland from September 16-18. The keynote speaker is Gregory Boyd (read his Spectrum exclusive interview with Carmen Lau here). Other participants include William Johnsson, Keisha McKenzie, Ronald Osborn, Richard Rice, Charles Scriven and Jean Shelden. Registration for the event is open now. See the registration page for event details and to register.

The conference begins on Friday afternoon with a full schedule through the noon hour on Sunday, the 18th. The program is below.

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Just logged on, and just saw this.

I can’t wait. If we’re going to be Christian, what can matter more than understanding what Jesus’ WORK–his atonement–is all about? His work, after all, is our work.

(Or have I just said something controversial? Well, gotta be there!)

Thanks to the planners!


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I’m expecting full coverage of this conference here on the Spectrum blog!


certainly a very impressive line up of speakers. Certainly Christainity is built upon the Cross. Untold numbers died for that assurance. One more turn of the wheel and we can expect the same. praise be to God for His wonderful Gift. Let Grace abound. TZ


Lunch at Mrs. K’s Toll House! ! That place has been an Adventist gathering spot for 70+ years! My family used to go there when I was a child [I’m now 83]. Wonderful memories!!
And the topics are great also. Please put a full report here on Spectrum. [I’m too old to travel or I’d go there in person.]