Adventist Health Reaches Agreement to Purchase Hawaii Pacific University Windward Campus

The Adventist Health-owened and operated Castle Medical Center in Kaneohe, Windward Oahu has reached an agreement to purchase Hawaii Pacific University's 130-acre Hawaii Loa campus, according to several reports. The terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement have not been disclosed, but the move will allow Adventist Health to expand its presence in Oahu.

In a June 28 announcement, Castle Medical Center President and CEO Kathy Raethel said the hospital was "in the process of acquiring the property originally known as Hawaii Loa College." Hawaii Pacific is the largest private college in Hawaii. "We're thrilled and delighted," Raethel said, "and we hope that you are too."

Beyond stating that the purchase agreement will allow Castle Medical Center to expand its services to the people of Windward Oahu, neither Castle nor Adventist Health has not indicated how the property will be used. The Hawaii Loa campus currently houses Hawaii Pacific's computer sciences, natural sciences, nursing, public health and social work programs. University President Geoffrey Bannister said in a statement, “We are pleased to have identified a buyer like Castle Medical Center that will continue to use the property to provide for the needs of the windward community.”

Castle Medical Center, which opened in 1963 as Castle Memorial Hospital in honor of Harold K. L. Castle who donated the land, is a 160-bed facility with over 1,000 employees and the primary health care facility for Windward Oahu. Castle Medical Center is part of Adventist Health's network of 19 hospitals and thirty-nine rural clinics in the Western United States. Adventist Health employs more than 21,000 health care professionals.

The finalization of the sale still requires a review process including about 120 days of due dilligence, according to Raethel. When the sale goes through, Castle will lease the property back to HPU for three to five years while the school moves offices, laboratories and classrooms from that location to property in Downtown Honolulu.

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Me thinks not, not. Not.

The Adventist health is on an acquisition frenzy. It smells of debt, big time. Certainly not an end time strategy. or is it? The talk is big but the behavior is bigger. My question is when does the right arm of the message choke out the message? Or has it?

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I know it has. Building for Eternity?

Perhaps the next purchase will the hospital in Agana, Guam, M.I.?
Our mission doctors have admitting privileges there.

Hawaii would be a good place for persons from Micronesia to attend College and take Health Sciences.