Adventist Hospital in Nepal Provides Open-air Health Care After Devastating Quake

“Around lunchtime as my friends and I were on the second story of a shop in Pokahara we started to feel the building move. Everyone quickly headed for the stairs while remaining fairly composed. It wasn’t until we were all outside and the earthquake continued and seemed to build in strength that those around started yelling and pointing at nearby trees and power lines which they feared might fall on them. Some people were crying and holding onto their loved ones. There were dogs running by whining and whimpering. The shaking and writhing of the ground seemed to last for about 20 to 30 seconds.”

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what a wonderful opportunity to serve. skill, courage, and love built upon Grace, Here denominationalism offers a vehicle for effective aid. well done thou faithful servants. Tom Z


These sorts of actions speak much louder than thousands of words.


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It is in times like this that the true nature and character of the SDA church shines, as all religious denominations should. Makes me proud to be an adventist.

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Scheer is actually a 150-bed hospital, according to their official website as well as our SDA Yearbook:

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