Adventist Ideas Whose Time Has Come, Redux

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In June of 2008, I compiled a list of Adventist Ideas Whose Time Has Come. It's interesting to revisit that post and see what has changed and what hasn't almost exactly two and a half years later. What do you think should be added or erased as we enter 2012?

OLD IDEAS STAGING COMEBACKS ■ Soy Milk ■ Conscientious Objection ■ Works (not for salvation, but for community) ■ Vegetarianism ■ Caring for Creation ■ The Sabbath School Lesson ■ Women's Ordination

INNOVATIONS WE MIGHT SERIOUSLY REGRET ■ Video screens in church ■ Instant evangelistic conversion ■ Closing so many Adventist academies ■ Praise music ■ The historical-grammatical method ■ "Seventh-day Adventist" as a corporate registered trademark

SEEMINGLY HORRIFYING IDEAS THAT COULD HAVE POTENTIAL ■ More congregational control over property and money ■ Contested conference elections ■ An Adventist blogosphere ■ Roy Branson, GC vice-president for evangelism and ethics ■ An Adventist Theological Society / Adventist Society for Religious Studies merger

GOOD THINGS WE HAVE THAT WE SHOULD SUPPORT ■ The NAD's SONscreen Film Festival ■ Adventist Peace Fellowship ■ Jan Paulsen ■ Green campus activism ■ Top notch medical personnel ■ A global church community

IDEAS THAT HAVE OUTLIVED THEIR USEFULNESS ■ Sunday worship as the Mark of the Beast ■ Ingathering ■ 3ABN ■ Mass-evangelism

IDEAS WE THINK WE LIKE— BUT THE JURY’S STILL OUT ■ Chapel Records hires Adventist DJs to remix the King's Heralds and Take 6. ■ No more segregated conferences ■ Linda Shelton hosting a View-like show on Hope TV. ■ Someone from the 2/3rds world as the next GC President

IDEAS WE ALWAYS STOOD FOR AND ARE NOW COMING INTO THEIR OWN ■ Soul sleep ■ A weekly Sabbath day of rest and in-person community ■ Vegetarianism ■ Women in church leadership ■ No literal hell ■ Not smoking ■ Separation of Church and State

MODEST PROPOSALS FOR THE YEAR TO COME ■ Adventist Community Services and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency join forces ■ Pathfinders with an ecological focus ■ A weekly Sabbath from media ■ More pastors' wives making music videos ■ Loving our neighbors as ourselves

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