Adventist Leader Ruguri Calls Same-sex Marriage 'Despicable' in Video

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This is not the first time that East-Central Africa Division president Blasious Ruguri has addressed homosexuality. Before his words were reported in African media and the American blogosphere he shared his distaste for homosexuals in the missions video below.

At 7:30 into this meandering conversation, Ruguri, seated in the middle, cites natural disasters, economic decline and then moral collapse as signs of the end. Then he adds that the moral collapse is of "despicable proportions." And then Rugusi emphasizes that this despicable moral collapse is "same-sex marriage."

Calling gay people who want to get married a sign of moral collapse of despicable proportions does not conform to the tone of the official statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

He appears to be repeatedly voicing his personal homophobia when speaking as a church leader.

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