Adventist Leaders in Bangladesh Host First Autism Awareness Event

Adventist church leaders in Bangladesh organized a union-wide campaign to celebrate World Autism Day on April 2. Students and staff from Adventist schools across the country, as well as leaders from the Bangladesh Adventist Union Mission (BAUM) in Dhaka, hosted parades, organized community discussions and visited families with autistic children.

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The goals of treatment for autism are to maximize functioning, move the child toward autonomy and improve the quality of life. Specific goals include improving social functioning and play skills, improving communication skills, improving adaptive skills, decreasing negative behaviors and promoting academic functioning and cognition in addition to treating co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

Is our GC leadership willing to set aside enough financial resources to meet these treatment goals? My experience is our elementary schools and academies do not have enough financial resources to meet the needs of the average student, much more that of those with autism.


I hope North American Division does something similar.

The funds available to help children on the autistic spectrum, are in my experience very limited. Schools are more inclined to invest in flashy mission trips than in autistic people. Some young people that I know on the spectrum are absolutely brilliant, but the ability of society to tap into this brilliance is limited by its investment.


I was a victim of this “flashy mission trips.” I was a yearly contributor to these trips at our local SDA academy until my son’s turn came. He was turned down so some preferred faculties can continue to take their children with them although their children have been with them many times in the past. It did not stop until I went to our local conference president and ed secretary to bring up my concern. These faculties even lied claiming these trips were under the auspices of the conference instead of the academies. Our conference president had to take these faculties to the carpet, then asked me to keep quiet until he could rectify the system.


More power to these church leaders. They are doing the right thing–seeking to make the world a better place, one at a time. Above and beyond theology and the ability to return a sizeable tithe. The world needs this level of love, more then 1844 and the Day of Atonement.

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They should change the name from Autism Awareness to Vaccination Awareness. Here’s the best proof (epidemiological) that it’s related to vaccinations, also the Quakers or Mennonites who don’t vaccinate and don’t have the problem--
My credentials are MD, MPH, taught Health Science at Loma Linda.
It’s time to wake up. We reared six kids with NO vaccinations and one daughter was on the cover of a fitness magazine. The CDC owns patents on many vaccines. It’s about $$$$.

Check this out. AACAP continues to support children’s vaccination and the society’s policy statement reports “No causal association between vaccinations and autism” based on numerous studies.

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