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Hi @Timo, thanks for your comment and for expressing your concerns. It’s incorrect to state that “only conservatives are banned.” We ask everyone to abide by the same commenting policy, which is linked to at the end of every article. We have had to warn, suspend, and ban individuals who consider themselves conservative, liberal, and everything in between.

We continue to look for ways to facilitate healthy and constructive dialogue, and as always, we ask that commenters help us in this effort by abiding by our commenting policy. Everyone, no matter what they believe, is welcome to comment here, but if they can’t express those beliefs with courteousness and respect for others, they will be warned, suspended, and as a last resort, banned.



I stand for true justice-
but please pardon me for taking a knee
for your extruded, coercive redefinition of it.
(not meaning yiu personally @Sirje :wink: )

Thank you @webEd for re-affirming consistency of policy on this traditionally fair site.

In all these years I have never seen one single case of someone being banned for being a conservative or for posting their conservative beliefs/ideas. It always boils down to “ad hominem” issues, diminishing other participants, as persons, for their beliefs. In dealing with people who do that, the best course of action is not to engage them but staying quiet, letting them work on their own hanging. And, sure enough… sooner or later… they certainly succeed! Borat would say, “Grrrêêêat succêêêss, you just became a millennial!”… :wink: :slight_smile:


Sadly, yes. Officially the church remains as oblivious to true social justice as it always has with regard to women, blacks, and the LGBTQ+ crowd, to name the most prominent areas where our official stance is either milquetoast or downright antagonistic. It is heartening, however, to see some members of the church, and even whole congregations and more, sometimes being very committed to social justice. I for one will continue to stand as a witness against the corporate church in these matters, and do what I can as an individual to push for righting social wrongs. My hope is that more individuals will do so, and as more do, numbers will gradually increase to where someday the corporate church can catch up and recognize its God ordained duty to stand solidly for social justice.

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How would you define justice with some degree of specificity?

Sometimes, the mighty Dollar trumps God.

Probably the best way to promote dialogue with those of different opinions, is to drop the ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’. Most conversations do not define the terms when using and, as we all know, each side of such, has their own definition. Without proper defs of ‘code words’, each reads the page differently and, in my opinion, little is to be gained from such.


You (or someone) needs to define that if we’re expected to advocate for it.

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Anyone else getting a queasy feeling about elements of BLM? They tried to disable a church service in Georgia. Bad optics.There is probably more to the story, always is. The serious BLM questions about race MUST be addressed. I live in Spokane WA. Saw and tried to help a black guy on a bike as he faced intimidation from a white guy in a pickup.

I don’t think it was Georgia, I think it was NYC… and the pastor was ruffling off AR15. I think that’s what they were protesting.

Whatever BLM actions are in that case, AR15 giveway ruffle in an inner-city church seems as bit extreme if you ask me, even though I respect 2nd amendment. There’s a time and place, and that just sends a very wrong message.

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