Adventist Leadership Removes Ukrainian Union from Russia-located Oversight

Today, in a unanimous 161-person vote by the General Conference Executive Committee, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine was immediately removed from the Euro-Asia Division, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and attached to the General Conference offices in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

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Thank you very much for this information ! Our thoughts here intensely are also with our fellow believers in Ucraine - and in Russia - - when we get aware of the new . or renewed - nationalism there and there !

The Ukraine decision sounds like a good idea, at least on the face of it. Russians won’t have further Ukrainian contact for Vlad to call into question, and the Ukrainians have other things to deal with at the moment. Not that Vlad actually needs a reason to do much of anything he chooses to do.

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while the gathering of Ukraine under GC wings isn’t unique, it does seem to signal a sympathy for Ukraine, and a disdain for what Russia is doing…i think this is the right msg to be sending…

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