Adventist Ministries Convention Seeks to Help Church Leaders and Members Serve as Body of Christ

I have no idea what concepts are behind what you said but that’s OK. I don’t need to know because I just want to minister God’s love so others will want to know Him.

Well, I bet they are expected to read at least one of EGW’s “boox” every year. Or at lest “once in a while”… :roll_eyes:

We all claim one body.
Tho its a pot luck lunch and choose your own adventure.
Tho we miss the original united body.
If we were United there would be no need for independents???
Pastors should be doing there tasks and if organisation seeks new mission fields should be up to our tithes and organizations.
We in Australia can’t even get small pocket books such as steps to Christ or revelations we need to pays international postage on our own instead of our ministries doing it under corporate rates.
Its all one big mess .
We need these feel good articles to keep us in sleepy leadicea state .
More feel good articles please

I wonder what was the total cost of this training session? At least 1/2 million dollars tithe dollars, if not more considering the teamwork needed for advanced preparation? Why not consider a live on-line seminar and give the savings to local church resources?

Does fine dining and motel accommodations lead to revival? I have attended this style of seminar training–they are so quickly forgotten. I have listened to the “glory stores” of keynote speakers and found in them so little that was useful. What I remember was visiting with friends and the nice accommodations–I can’t remember a word was was said.

I wonder if the grand style of display and giving awards for achievements is in keeping with the first principle of spiritual maturity–“blessed are the poor in spirit,” – the meek and humble in attitude? “He that is first, shall be last…”

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I support teleconferences, webinars for training like that. Airlines tickets, hotel accommodations, meals expenses, etc., these are all unnecessary, unjustifiable BS (Big Spendings).


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