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The Associated Press reports Adventist mail carriers have filed suit against the U.S. Postal Service now that they have started Saturday mail delivery in Loma Linda, California.

I just parked behind the ABC (Christian book store) and started crying to the Lord, `Why?"' Gomez said. "I thought, (I've found) sanctuary. God's protecting me, I'll be able to worship him on the Sabbath. And now it's gone. . . . Help came in the form of Alan J. Reinach, executive director of the Church State Council.

The North American Division hosted a meeting of around 100 communications professionals and church administrators in an effort to figure out what to do in the changing media landscape.

In his opening remarks to the attendees, Pastor Dan Jackson, president of the 1.1 million-member church in North America, explained how media has developed over time—from radio stations to Facebook being the third-largest nation in the world. And he pointed out the focal points of the summit: (1) Revival and Reformation (Reach North America); (2) Administrative: Signaling Priorities; and (3) Use of Technology.

He also shared some sobering facts of how unknown the church is in the division’s territory and how much money has been spent on media ministries in the past. “We need to be honest enough with ourselves to find out how we react to an ever-changing world. Are we looking at all the tools that are available to us?” said Jackson. . . . Currently, the division operates seven media ministries: Breath of Life, Esperanza TV, Faith For Today, It Is Written, La Voz de la Esperanza, LifeTalk Radio, and Voice of Prophecy.

According to The Chicago Tribune, 3ABN is getting sued.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, and the Rev. Tommy Shelton, the brother of the network's founder Danny Shelton, were named in the complaint filed by plaintiff Alex Walker, of Mattoon.

Walker, now 25, alleges that Tommy Shelton sexually abused him when he worked as a production assistant at 3ABN in 2001. Walker's lawyer, Jeff Herman, of Miami, said Shelton commuted to 3ABN from his home in Kentucky for the purpose of abusing Walker, which Herman believes makes the civil suit a federal case.

Haitian Adventist Church in Florida hosts information session on immigration status for foreign nationals whose home countries are temporarily unsafe.

Finally, in this report by the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, the president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, offers remarkably thoughtful public praise for Adventist work in the country.

President Kibaki was speaking on Friday at the Gusii Stadium in Kisii town during a resource mobilization service for development projects of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, South Kenya Conference. . . .

The President, at the same time, commended the role of religious organizations in the country's development.

He noted that religious organizations provided diverse services particularly in the health and education sectors where they have constructed modern facilities countrywide.

"As a nation, we greatly appreciate the contribution of church organizations like the Seventh Day Adventist church to the development of our country," the President said.

Noting that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is planning to re-construct Nyanchwa Adventist hospital, church headquarters and a guest house, President Kibaki said the initiative will ensure that the church earns money for other development programmes.

The President added that through such efforts church organizations create employment and contribute towards alleviation of poverty in the society, adding that in this way the church caters for its follower's spiritual needs as well as physical requirements.

In this regard, President Kibaki urged other potential donors, investors and partners to team up with development minded Kenyans and support churches like the Seventh Day Adventist church in undertaking such noble programmes.

"Church projects of this nature signify are a welcome break from the old days when churches were entirely dependent on donors," President Kibaki said.

The Head of State observed that the move by church towards offering a holistic service to their members by caring for the spiritual, mind and body needs has ushered in a new era of self-sustenance.

Said President Kibaki: "That creates commendable sustainability as opposed to the traditional system of depending on handouts."

Commending the Seventh Day Adventist church, President Kibaki said its work in Kenya is a great tribute to Pastor A. G. Garcallen who together with Peter Nyambu pioneered the church in Maasai and Gusii areas way back in 1906.

"These missionaries used education and health as a means of spreading the gospel leading to the emergence of key Kenyan leaders from this region," the President said.

The President also took the opportunity to congratulate the Seventh Day Adventist leadership for establishing 834 churches in the country.

I didn't read anything about "revival and reformation." Reading these remarks, it sounds like if we really want to know how to help in the hurting, developing world, the president seems to understand the future of Adventist Mission: poverty alleviation, development, holism, education and health care.

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