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A local paper in the Shenandoah Valley reports:

Frozen gravy, boxed stuffing and whole turkeys seemed to fly out of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tuesday as volunteers continued their annual holiday food distribution.

In just two hours, the church's volunteers cleared 127 turkeys, about 300 apples and more than 500 pounds of canned fruits and vegetables from the building, their largest distribution ever.

"I've been a volunteer here for three years, and I've never seen a church that's done more for this community than Seventh-day Adventist church," said volunteer Tom Finch.

This also is reported in Idaho and Georgia.

Pastor Tara VinCross joins the Adventist Environmental Advocacy team. She talks about how her church implements creation care.

The most recent way of incorporating environmental stewardship took place as we were finishing up our nomination/election process of church leaders. As a committee we decided to commission a "Green Team" for our church, a group of individuals dedicated two goals: 1) to bringing our church behavior in line with our beliefs about Christian stewardship of the environment and 2) to educating our members about the action steps they can take in their own homes. We are beginning the process of increasing understanding in our church community, and I know it will continue to unfold in the coming years.

I also speak to care for people and planet in my sermons, and in our own lifestyle choices, which leads people to ask questions about why we do what we do. Every time I turn down a plastic bag in a store, there is an opportunity to answer the question, "why?" In fact, just the other week, I commented to a church member how great it was to see them using a reusable water container instead of plastic bottles. "I got it from you!" they exclaimed. Apparently, they had seen me carrying around my water container and they thought, hey, I can do that too. You never know what is going to spread and change in the church! Another church member is also passionate about environmental stewardship, and as the leader for fellowship meals, makes sure that we do not buy any Styrofoam products for our potluck buffet meals. Each of these decisions fosters a spirit of care and awareness for all that God has made.

Read More Here. ANN reports on an historic building in Ukraine and how it's a victory for religious pluralism.

Speaking of buildings, an Adventist congregation in Maryland wins a lawsuit over religious discrimination in Prince George's County.

Oakwood University hosts Jan Paulsen, an AME pastor and 1000 ministers for evangelism conference.

Speaking of Oakwood, someone blogs a very brief history of Little Richard, an alum.

In Maryland, the Washington Post reports: Adventist HealthCare and the Catholic Holy Cross Hospital battle over hospital building plans.

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