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Adventist media writes something positive about La Sierra University. I guess they have to when one of the university's biologists is this productive.

The 55-year-old herpetologist and his team are credited with discovering 80 new species of reptiles and amphibians during his 15-year career in the biology department of church-run La Sierra University.

One is a frog with almost transparent skin, turquoise bones and green blood, discovered during a previous expedition in Cambodia. That trip, Grismer says, ended in a veterinarian's office, where he swallowed potent canine worm pills to combat a nasty intestinal parasite he'd acquired.

The latest is a forest gecko. Grismer describes it as a "long, spindly looking lizard," with a triangular head and yellow eyes.

Controversial Adventist woman could become chief justice of the courts in Kenya. Speaking of the Kenya, Ted Wilson is currently touring the continent of Africa. Here is a news report from a recent visit by the church president to Kenya. And here's a report about his expected visit to Angola. Adventist News Network also reports on how the recent political unrest in Ivory Coast has effected denominational employees. And Nigerian church leaders have been vocally protesting the holding of elections on Sabbath.

A former teacher at Auburn Adventist Academy in Washington state was sentenced to prison for sexual misconduct with an underage female student. And unfortunately, a prominent Adventist member of the Haitian community in Miami, Florida, bilked church members, including her pastor, out of several million dollars.

On a positive note, here's a story about Southern California Indians and Pakistanis, divided by politics, finding unity through their Christian faith. And according to Oregon Live:

A women's group from the Oregon Central Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church has provided meals every other Saturday since the shelter opened in November. When they saw how many people needed help finding work, they began offering résumé assistance and a light meal on their "off" Saturdays, too.

Loma Linda University Medical Center opened its new hospital in Murrieta, becoming the "second hospital in the city and the fourth in southwest Riverside County."

The Seventh-day Adventist facility has 106 beds, a heart center, a maternity ward and a 19-bed emergency room. It is expected to help ease crowding at some of the area's other hospitals, which have been strained by two decades of massive population growth.

And on the topic of expansion, Adventist Health Central Valley Network is close to adding another hospital and five rural health clinics to its dozens of medical service sites throughout Central California.

And here's an oddly meditative ad from LLUMC.

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