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In this Holiday Edition of InFocus Adventist News (from Australia), Bryan Fowler reports on Sanitarium's commitment to continue sponsoring the Weet-Bix Billy Cart Grand Prix at Lilydale Adventist Academy for 2009.

Here's an interesting Press-Enterprise article about a new specialty hospital in Loma Linda. It was originally proposed by a group of doctors and investors, and after a bitter fight it was narrowly approved by the city. Now Loma Linda University has taken it over.

The 28-bed Loma Linda University Heart and Surgical Hospital will hold a formal opening ceremony Tuesday and could begin seeing its first patients as early as Wednesday. . . . A new, second-generation da Vinci robotic surgery system has been installed in the new hospital, and a first-generation, $1.4 million robot will be moved to the specialty hospital from Loma Linda University Medical Center across town.

The devices allow doctors to sit at a console and manipulate four robotic arms that make half-inch cuts and perform intricate surgery that would otherwise require long incisions and take longer for recovery.

The new hospital, on Barton Road at New Jersey Street in Loma Linda, was purchased this past year from a consortium of Inland doctors and other investors. It was bought and completed at a cost of about $110 million. . . . Since purchasing the hospital, Loma Linda University officials have contended that their opposition centered on the way the specialty hospital was to have been run -- serving only patients with insurance or those who could afford surgery.

The new hospital, in conjunction with the medical center, will treat the uninsured and indigent, according to an earlier statement from Mel Sauder, the university's senior vice president for business development.

Speaking of the City of Loma Linda, it looks like slow growth activists have achieved a victory against several proposed developments.

All Africa reports:

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is implementing a new project aimed at improving food access for more than 100,000 Mozambicans living in rural areas, in Zambezia province, through a three-year income generation project.

This project, scheduled to end in July of 2011, is financed by a 12 million dollars grant from the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) Title II program and a one million dollars from ADRA International.

A Muslim doctor at Washington Adventist Hospital and his family were mistakenly removed from a domestic flight over some misheard remarks.

James Scarborough, pastor of Modesto Seventh-day Adventist Church, is profiled in his local paper.

A Uganda paper carries a statement by Archbishop of the Adventist Church, Dr. John Luga Wani (actually president of the Uganda Union). Dr. Wani decries recent government military action against the Lord's Resistance Army and instead "said the Government should have continued to pursue the peace talks as the best means of ending the rebellion."

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