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  • Thousands assemble for the tenth annual Weet-Bix billy cart grand prix in Victoria;
  • A new president is announced for Avondale College to replace retiring president Dr John Cox;
  • A young kiwi scientist wins an award for her research into highly effective, more natural cancer therapy;
  • Teens in South Australia get excited about reading the Bible every day;
  • Leaders in Fiji appeal to church members to assist with the relocation of Fulton College.

Newsweek writes: "In the new book of essays, a man describes how his Seventh-Day Adventist upbringing perpetuated his anorexia, with the belief that excess—particularly, body excess—was a sin."

Did a communications company launched an Adventist-specific SIM card in the Philippines?

Apparently. The Southern-Asia Pacific Division writes "Globe recently launched the new Advent SIM, the customized SIM for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Community. The Advent SIM provides affordable mobile communications and specialized value-added services for Seventh-day Adventist Community members so they can conveniently stay connected to one another."

And yes, users can get scripture, share prayer requests and pay their tithe with it.

In Tennessee Greenville Sun writes about their local Adventist Community Center which provides food and clothes to hundreds of people each month.

"We're getting more new clients," said [David] Sharpe [retired pastor and volunteer director] in a recent interview. "In the last six to seven months we've been averaging about 75 new clients every month."

He said as gas prices rose, so did the number of people requesting assistance -- "especially when it hit $4 a gallon."

Detailed information on each recipient is updated in computer files. ID's are required, in part to keep people from applying for assistance under different names, according to the center's staff.

A Seventh-day Adventist writes a letter to Bishop John Shelby Spong. . .

Having read two of your books, I finally have answers to several questions that have troubled me for years. But now I have some new ones, two of them of immediate importance:

1. My very fundamental Seventh Day Adventist Church: How do I fit in when I no longer fit in?2. Prayer: How do I now pray? To whom? About what? For what? How do I express my gratitude, my sorrows, my joys?

Though I feel that a great burden has left me now that I feel you have given me permission to understand God and Jesus in the light that I have seen in the distance for a long time but was too afraid to reach for, I also feel very much an outsider and alone. How do I deal with this?

See Bishop Spong's answer here.

Here's a good Special K Cottage Cheese Loaf recipe on the My Vegetarian Recipes blog.

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