Adventist News

(system) #1

By Alexander Carpenter

Adventist News Network's Ground 7 podcast:

  • A mega cancer study proves healthful living is key to fighting disease
  • Kenya makes provision for religious beliefs when choosing the presidential election date
  • ADRA lends a helping hand in California and Latin America. Church leaders discuss Africa.

Listen here. (Running Time 10:24)

The South Pacific Division's news cast:

  • President of the Adventist Church in the South Pacific announces his retirement
  • New President announced and introduced to church members in the South Pacific
  • History is made with the appointment of the first Pacific Islander as General Secretary of the Church
  • President of the world wide Adventist Church makes a 48 hour flying visit to church's annual meetings
  • Central Papuan Mission is now self supporting and is awarded Conference status
  • 4360 former Adventists contacted by the church's literature evangelists in the last 12 months.

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