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  • ADRA steps in to support other aid agencies and provide food and medicines in strife torn Kenya
  • Adventists in New Zealand have spent $4 million to upgrade their new Big Camp facilities at Tui Ridge
  • Adventist health and nutrition course is recognised by the Victorian Government
  • Solomon Islanders visit the homes of 100 former church members in one day, and invite them back to church
  • Central Coast Adventist School is on the shortlist of top 200 schools in NSW

Also, the Ground 7 news podcast discusses: Post election violence in Kenya. A robbery at a Maranatha rented warehouse leaves one guard dead. Starbucks evangelism? (Running Time 10:26)

Also, here is General Conference Secretary, Matthew Bediako, issuing a statement on the violence in Kenya.

Additionally, "church communication leaders, technicians and broadcasters will meet for an Internet ministry conference in Cape Town, South Africa, from February 28 to March 2, to address ways of boosting the church's presence on the Web in Africa."

California-based, Fresno Adventist Academy becomes the first school in the city to go solar!

Unfortunately (literally), about 1000 London Adventists were allegedly conned out of £3.2m by four fellow churchgoers.

Finally, after 30 years of avoiding working with faith-based groups, the UN's World Health Organization has sought Adventist involvement as it begins new partnerships. Why? Perhaps, in part, because Adventist Health Ministries operates in more countries than any other religious denomination.

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