Adventist Pastor Quoted in 'The New York Times' on Responsible Banking

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On March 10, 2012, The New York Times "On Religion" section features the Hollywood Adventist Church and Pastor Ryan Bell's responsible banking efforts. Following the Ash Wednesday clergy press conference at Wells Fargo National Headquarters in San Francisco, New York Times Religion Reporter Samuel G. Freedman followed up with several PICO clergy leaders around the country, including Pastor Bell, on the connection between the Christian Lenten Season and the growing prophetic call for big banks to repent of their ways and stop their unethical foreclosure practices.

“To right the wrongs of the world is as much a part of the Lenten experience as to repent ourselves,” Mr. Bell, 40, the pastor of Hollywood Adventist Church near Los Angeles said in a phone interview this week. “During this season, when we individually are examining our lives, we think it’s appropriate for the institutions that affect us to examine theirs.”

Read the entire article here: Mortgage Crisis Inspires Churches to Send Lenten Season Message to Banks.

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