Adventist Pioneer Uriah Smith Envisioned Motorized Car with Fake Horse Head — and More News Shorts

In this week’s Adventist news round-up, Uriah Smith patented drawings of the “Horsey Horseless” in 1899, the apocalyptic connotations of Prince’s “Purple Rain” are explored, Argentinian Adventist Carlos Roa explains he left sports because he thought the world’s end was imminent, and a Utah congregation raises potatoes to counter the pandemic.

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Prince joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2003. It seems that he was fairly involved with them, attending church, and going door to door as is required by the JW’s.

I found this article from 2016 after he passed away.


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yes, it is interesting…also interesting is the fact that prince grew up as an adventist:

He was an interesting guy, that’s for sure. I wish that I had seen him in concert.

i think prince was tremendously gifted…i think all the stars in the pop world are tremendously gifted…a great gift always galvanizes a crowd…people instinctively recognize talent…

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Uriah Smith seems like he would’ve been a really interesting dude to know. Patented a car and a prosthetic leg, hardcore abolitionist, baptized Sojourner Truth, wrote “Daniel and the Revelation.”

Even if I don’t agree with all his conclusions, I have to respect a guy who put that much effort into studying science, history and the Bible. He clearly had a lot going on upstairs.

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he does seem like may have been a leonardo da vinci type…frequently, though, people like this have limited people skills, and so aren’t really interesting to know or converse with…

Uriah Smith idea of a fake horsehead on a “horseless carriage”, as they were called in his day, is an interesting idea. The Duryea brothers were the first Americans to manufacture a horseless carriage motorized car in American a few years before Uriah Smith came up with a fake horse head car idea. We will never know what could have been the result if the Duryea brothers and Uriah Smith had joined together.

Ideas and designs evolve over time. Who knows? If Smith’s horseless carraige design “took off” the horse head may have survived as a shrunk down 21st century version of an equine hood ornament.

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It would have needed to be mid 20th century. Hood ornaments went out decades ago.

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Yes. I’m living in the past, although I just Googled a picture of a 2017 Rolls with one. Brits seem to have more respect for tradition than we Americans.

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Roa was an inspiration to my son Alex, who as an up and coming young futbol player in elite prviate leagues back in his young teens,traveling to matches in England and to my country of origin (Argentina), during my ambivalent years outside the church.

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