Adventist Students Join National Walkout Day

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Today students across the United States walked out of their classrooms at 10:00 a.m. in voluntary demonstrations against gun violence in America. The walkouts came one month after the Parkland, Florida shooting of students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Seventeen were killed in the shooting and seventeen more were injured.

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i was so impressed as i watched thousands upon thousands of students stream out of their schools yesterday on FOX, MSNBC and CNN…it was arresting, and almost biblical, kind of like i imagine the spectacle of animals lining up two by two to board noah’s ark must have been…it was moving to see and feel the kids’ determination to do something with what little resources they have…they seemed so vulnerable out there in the cold, in some instances, and yet so strong…for me it was a real lesson on the power of determination and united action…and what a rebuke to the adults in charge, who for yrs have continued to do nothing…

i don’t see how elected officials or the NRA are going to withstand the power of the nation’s kids…and kudos to all adventist kids who took part, and all adventist teachers who let them…all the nay sayers need to repent…they’re on the wrong side of history…


Kudos to our young people who walked out yesterday in support of the victims of terrible violence. They are more Adventist and more Christian than the adults who criticize them. Adventists have a history of being abolitionists. Adventists refused to bear arms. Adventists were part of the underground taking slaves to safety. Then when we think about what Jesus would do, we have the whole gospel which teaches us to be for peace and non-violence. Thank you to all our wonderful young people who care enough to do something about a horrible tragedy. And who are willing to speak for love, care, and non-violence.


What exactly is this parent saying. Forbidding the kids to participate is allowing kids to be kids? And is this parent’s claim about teaching his or her kids “to be respectful of the oval office no matter which president hold [sic] the office” really intended to be taken seriously? P-lease.



I hope, too, that not only are they willing to speak for love and care, but that they will actually speak love and care for the loners and others who are bullied in school . . . the kid in the corner by himself, the kid eating lunch all alone.

Since most mass school shooters are carried out by such loners . . . after the walk out is long done and forgotten, these children speaking love and care would go a long, long way to solve the problems of school shootings . . . so these loners are no longer alone to feel uncared for nor ostracized and will not feel the need to pick up a gun or any other weapon to lash back at others.


I am proud of the students, teachers, and schools that participated in this event. It’s time for the students to take the issues in their hands and defend themselves since they cannot count on politicians who sell their souls to the NRA.

I hope the NEVER AGAIN movement grows and expands to a point that they will vote out those politicians who are representing the NRA instead of us, the citizens.



Look at the bright side. In times like these we can always count on the NRA zombies for their thoughts and prayers. :joy: Happy Sabbath.


If students can walk out of school to agitate for gun control, why can’t they walkout of school to protest abortion?


I am no longer a student so I have no idea. If you really want to know you need to address the question to them. :wink:

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I agree. Why don’t they also walkout for the rights of the thousands of lives lost due to abortion. I am asking this question to those who gave their comments that they favored the walked out…

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Add to the list all those affected and lives lost by drug abuse.

Add to the list the unwarranted wars, like the Iraq invasion, that was declared for the obvious reasons well known. Sometimes the pro-life people are actually more pro-death than they pretend to be…