Adventist triplets, first to graduate from Dartmouth

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By Alexander Carpenter

"Olivia Willis-Henry will occupy a seat of honor at the June 10 Dartmouth College commencement: at the side of Susan Wright, wife of Dartmouth's President James Wright. It isn't every parent that gets to view commencement from such a choice spot; but, then, it isn't every parent who has three children graduating at the same time. Willis-Henry is the mother of Ashley, Brittany and Courtney Henry, 21, of San Diego, Ca., the first set of triplets to attend Dartmouth College. While numerous sets of twins and individual members of triplets have attended the college, Dartmouth history records no other full set of triplet students before the Henry sisters. The girls, who are identical siblings, came to Dartmouth after an education at a small, Seventh Day Adventist (sic) parochial school, including a 200 student-high school with a senior class of 60 students from which they graduated as co-valedictorians."

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And I like this quote from one of those scary Ivy League Religion Professors."The sisters said they have tried to follow the advice given them in their freshman year by Religion Professor Ronald Green, who was Brittany's adviser, officially, but became a friend to the girls and their mother. 'He encouraged us to take advantage of what Dartmouth has to offer and, at the same time, not to stray too far from what we know,' Brittany said."


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