Adventist University of Health Sciences to Rebrand as AdventHealth University

ORLANDO, FL – 08/15/2018 – Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) announced that it will become AdventHealth University (AHU). This follows an announcement made this week by Adventist Health System (AHS), the University’s corporate parent, that the organization and its wholly owned entities will be known as AdventHealth beginning Jan. 2, 2019.

The University began in 1992 as Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences on the campus of Florida Hospital in Orlando, FL. In 2012, the University’s name changed to Adventist University of Health Sciences to reflect the new graduate level status and to align more closely with Adventist Health System (AHS).

When he was informed of the name change, Dr. Edwin Hernández, the University President, requested and received permission from the ADU Board of Trustees to align the institution’s name with its corporate parent.

Dr. Hernández commented, “This change will align us closer with the nationwide AdventHealth brand and reaffirms our mission to provide healthcare education in a faith-based environment, focusing on whole-person care.”

The name AdventHealth University identifies it as a place of beginnings, where students can fulfill their dreams of providing whole-person health care. As the University sharing the national health care organization’s name, AdventHealth University will contribute to AdventHealth’s promise of wholeness by providing whole-person health care education to its students.

AHU will continue to be governed by its own board of trustees. Its goals, mission and educational offerings remain unchanged by the rebranding. There will also be no impact on curriculum or degrees for ADU’s students. All graduates will continue to benefit from the current accreditation granted to the University and its professional programs.

About AdventHealth University (AHU)

AdventHealth University (AHU) is a Seventh-day Adventist institution specializing in health care education that is guided by the values of nurture, excellence, spirituality, and stewardship. The University seeks to develop skilled professionals who live the healing values of Christ, and works in collaboration with AdventHealth to effectively extend the healing ministry of Christ.

ADU offers undergraduate, graduate, and online programs including: Biomedical Sciences, Nursing (BSN), Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Health Sciences, Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, Healthcare Administration, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, and Radiologic Technology.

This press release and logo were provided by Adventist University of Health Sciences.

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Does this mean that employee remuneration of AdventHealth University, like its corporate parent, is independent of denominational policy that prevails in other NA schools of higher education such as…? Is this a not-so-subtle response to the Chicago Declaration regarding a division-wide university system?

A brand is everything our church members think about our business. It’s why someone will choose our or service/church over another offering the same thing. In the health care field it seems that the “”ist” part of Adventist is not being perceived very well by some. If the three main reasons for rebranding are:

  1. You’ve expanded beyond your original scope.
  2. People have no idea who you are or what you do.
  3. A product or service you sell is taking over your business.
    then I understand, but if we are “shy” about saying what we really stand for them I am concerned. There is a whole lot more going on with this name change than we are being told.
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