Adventist Voices: Ellen White on Masturbation and the Pope

Concluding a 4-part series with Don Casebolt on his book Father Miller's Daughter, we discuss Ellen White's statements about the papacy and Casebolt presents evidence for White's dependence on discredited historians for her statements that the Pope changed the Christian day of worship to Sunday. Casebolt also critiques Samuel Bacchiocchi's contributions to this belief. We conclude by exploring White's idea that masturbation (solitary vice) caused tuberculosis among many ills and was directly responsible for "killing tens of thousands" a year. 

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Where’s Part 4? Crosier was Part 3 and the last one posted before this.

OK, now that I’ve listened to it I realize that you have posted the audio for Part 4 but the title and description for Part 5. Confusing.


Part 4 is actually the link, not part 5. I believe the series ended with part 3 thus far.

Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy. The series is only four parts in total and the article has been updated to reflect the correct number.

The title is sitll incorrect as applied to this fourth discussion.

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