Adventist Voter Engagement Campaign Kicks Off

Voter participation in the U.S. is only about 50 percent in national elections, less in congressional elections as well as in state and local elections. Adventist voter participation is no better.

Adventists Vote! — a new campaign to engage Adventists in politics and social issues — was initiated on November 8 at the 4th annual conference of the Adventists for Social Justice (ASJ) and on social media with the hashtag #AdventistsVote. Campaign Chair Dr. William Ellis, Professor of Political Studies at Washington Adventist University, presented the call-to-action alongside Tiffany Llewellyn, Founder and President of ASJ. Ellis said:

“There are critical issues facing the U.S. The doorways to higher education are closing with crushing student loan debt, citizens of color regularly murdered by ill-tempered and racist police, our system of justice has led to the mass incarceration of many Americans, especially African Americans and Latinos. We are plagued by drug abuse, homelessness, and a host of other problems. It is impossible to deal decisively with these challenges one way or the other with assurance that it represents the American people if we do not vote. All of us should vote, including those of us in the Adventist community.”

The campaign goal is to strongly motivate people of Adventist faith to engage in the political process to assure that all Americans are represented in our elective offices. Adventists have a long history of participation in the issues of their day from antislavery, to prohibition and health reform, to the women’s movement. In honoring these legacies, it is hoped that many thousands will register to vote, vote, and get others to vote. For more information about Adventists Vote! use the hashtag #AdventistsVote.

Bethany Sheridan is the Social Media Coordinator for Adventists Vote! A Social Work major and a member of the Honors College at Washington Adventist University. Logo by Nicholas Cunningham, WAU Class of 2021.

This press release and logo were provided by the AdventistsVote! team for distribution.

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Just what we need - More Adventists voting for Republicans. I hope pastors will take up the call to use the pulpit to argue for more progressive causes and not just say to go vote for whoever you want.

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How about promoting parent management skills as an outreach program to build confidence among our youths who can then deal decisively with social issues confronting our society. Otherwise, voting will just duplicate our status quo and who needs that?


Yeah, argue for progressive causes, no more of that personal freedom of voting for whoever you want!


What you are saying is that ALL Seventh-day Adventists should vote
Democrat ticket.
Neither party has been white as snow.
Persons need to vote the Issues. Not necessarily the Party.

And Pastors from the Pulpit should TELL the members HOW to vote,
as some Pastors do in some Sunday church congregations around
the country.

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YES! Vote! Can you imagine, if we had not voted Trump in we would never have been made aware of the deep state corruption or the major corruption of the democrat party! It is so important to vote! God has blessed us with a little more peace before the end comes. TRUMP 2020!

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That starts happening and this progressive is going to forego Adventism altogether or any other religion that turns the worship out into a political bully pulpit. If they do I hope the IRS moves in and suspends their charitable status as they are legally able to, but seldom ever do. Politics has no place in the worship hour. Ever.


After completing 30 years in the US last month, my observations on the “American democratic electoral process” are:

  1. Some people discourage voting. What is this about? Voting is not only a right, it’s a duty.
  2. In America voting is optional, and this keeps the manipulation of elections being, shamefully, part of the process. Gerrymandering, redistricting? Shame on people who support this anti-democratic maneuver.
  3. Like in the country I lived before, voting should be a civil duty, a mandatory duty. Why wouldn’t people be true patriots? Why wouldn’t true patriots vote? Voting is an obligation.
  4. Mandatory voting completely eliminates the attempt to block others (minorities) from voting. Everyone is a registered voter, must vote or else.
  5. Electoral college? The most absurd, anti-democratic weapon! How stupid it is that the candidate who gets the majority of votes may easily end up losing an election? This is definitely NOT a democracy; maybe “democrazy?”
  6. Electronic voting is very dangerous! Especially in the days when Russia has access to interfere, as it did and as it will do again - with the undisguised blessings of the US President. And of Moscow Mitch who refuses to pass protection to the voting process. Patriotism? Sure… :roll_eyes:
  7. Something changed drastically in the Americans’ pride. How come so many can support a President that calls on a foreign country to interfere in our sacred elections? “Russia, if you are listening…” "You need to make us a favor, though…“Will ask China…” People who support this kind of things can;t be respected as true patriots.Sorry, but this is treason!
  8. A President blocking people from telling the truth, not complying with subpoenas? This is subverting the judicial system. Those who refuse to comply with a subpoena should be jailed. Those who obstruct justice by telling people not to obey subpoenas should not be governing us!
  9. I can’t understand how can Christians (or, so-called ones…) support candidates who lie to the public with straight face, who distort facts, and who have tremendous flaws of character. For me, those people are actually “fake Christians.”

Well, this list could go long ways. I just say, VOTE!

VOTE. But don’t allow others to tell you who should you vote for. Vote as a Christian, on people who support Christian values like freedom, honesty, moral conduct, truthfulness, care of the needy, health, etc. Then you can call yourself Christian.

In summary, VOTE, but vote intelligently no matter what party you happen to like.


I wish we could also have a call for “voter engagement” in elections to the GC President. We need candidates to choose from. In the current system, the delegates to the GC vote for nobody; they just say “yes” for someone who was already carefully chosen by a small group. Remember the “90-second” so called vote in 2010?

As a church member I want those who represent me to be able to chose among a few candidates, after hearing their work proposals and goals as GC Presidents. The way it’s been done keeps me away from that process, with my interest geared only toward my local church.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I were told that at this time there is already a certain person chosen to “win the election” for the GC Presidency in 07/2020. Congratulation to that candidate! … :innocent:


That is because it is not a democracy, never was and hopefully never will be. It is a representative Republic. Seriously the writers of the constitution seemed have to put way more thought into how to run a country then the critics of the electoral college have. But the founders created a way to change the constitution. So the electoral college critics are free to work to change it constitutionally

Actually, the electoral college is a great design by our constitution framers. It allows a smaller less populated state have an even balance vote within the federalist frame work in our country. I used to wonder about this too and have studied it closely and now do agree with the design.

I have observed how a few people have taken the joke seriously about Trump saying “Russia, if you are listening”. Some just have no sense of humor and cannot catch the humor of Trump. He really is quite funny.
Treasonous…George, you are too funny too! For a good example of treason study the Clinton’s and the democrat party.

I am glad we have this freedom, and I hope one day Presidents will be elected by the majority. For their own sake! It must be horrible to be the President and be reminded by his/her own conscience that they were not elected by the people but by the EC maneuver.

Those are my views. I appreciated that you could also share your views.

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Trump’s next call to Pelosi:

“I won’t mess with you; I need a favor, though … stop the impeachment”…

His sense of humor is really something else, isn’t it?
\ :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Maneuver? You mean constitutionally elected! That is not a maneuver. can you imagine how the rest of the country would feel if the President were elected by only 2 states, California and New York. But calling the constitiution dictated election as a maneuver reveals just how people manipulate language and once manipulated they repeat it an pretend that the faulty interpretation is the reality. It is a very deceptive method. Trump jokes about Russia finding the 30,000 deleted emails Hillary Clinton wiped from her server as

“President that calls on a foreign country to interfere in our sacred elections?” Not much reality there but a lot of maneuvering!

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States don’t elect Presidents; the Country does. This is the problem, seeing America as an aggregate of States instead of as ad unified country.

It is what it is. I will be glad if one day it changes and America becomes a true Democracy. But this is just my personal opinion.

The majority of the 2 most populated states could vote the President in, it is that simple. That is why the electoral college was made to prevent high population centers from controlling who is president


Hi @GeorgeTichy, I believe there is a relatively easy fix to this. If you change the requirement to be the majority of votes in the majority of states, rather than a straight majority, it would mean candidates need to appeal across a broader region of voters. At the moment it is largely only 3 states that determine the outcome of the election. Much fairer if it involves two levels of majority.

So now it is controlled by low population centre’s.

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I have certainly become more involved and cautious about voting as I have grown older. The dilemma of how to vote has always thrown me into doubtful questioning but not anymore. I have learned to study the party’s and the candidates and I use the 10 commandments as my guide. There are usually traits that are prominent that show the values of the party or candidates and using a thoughtful scale with more evil on one end and less evil on the other end I score the values that tend to reflect more favorably or defiantly to the 10 commandments. Rarely is there a tie and rarely is there a glowing angelic winner.