Adventist Women In Ministry: Progress or Regress?

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The Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace California has been hosting a multi-part series on Adventist history entitled "The Advent Movement: Progress or Regress?" In the video below, Kendra Haloviak Valentine, professor of New Testament Studies at La Sierra University, and Bert Haloviak, former archivist for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, uncover the story of Adventist women in ministry from the 19th Century to the current ordination debate.

In the video, filmed before an audience at the Azure Hills Church, the presenters trace the history of women's place in Adventist ministry and answer audience questions. Kendra Haloviak Valentine shares a few of her experiences as a member of the General Conference Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC).

Lectures in this series:

Church Structure—Gerry Chudleigh The Doctrine of the Trinity—Gil Valentine Adventist Fundamental Beliefs—John Brunt Ellen G. White and 19th Century Science—Warren Johns Women in Ministry—Bert Haloviak and Kendra Haloviak Valentine Adventists and War—Ron Osborn

More information on the series is available here.

Adventist Women In Ministry: Progress or Regress

Adventist Women In Ministry - Progress or Regress? from Azure Hills Church on Vimeo.

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