Adventist Youth in Papua New Guinea Help Catholic School—and More News

In what some observers called a first, Adventist Youth Ministries members in Papua New Guinea donated food and cleaned the Sacred Heart Primary School, a Catholic-supported institution. The Adventist young people donated 1,000 Kina worth of food to the teachers as a "token of appreciation for educating children in the area," according to The National.

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Nice group of News Notes, Pam.

That said, I find it heartbreaking to think that it’s “a first” for a group of Adventist kids to assist a catholic school with cleaning and food. This kind of Jesus-y activity could be happening every day and would be so normal it wouldn’t even be news. I remember that it was news when PUC students helped vintners in the Napa Valley gather in their grape harvest before a hard freeze - quite a bit of controversy about that.

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Kudos to the SDA students in Papua New Guinea and Trinidad for their contributions and influence in their respective communities. They stand as examples of how we should be showing love as part of the good deeds that come as a result of the joy and recognition of the gift of salvation God has afforded us. This, while our denominational leaders stand silent over abuse of vulnerable groups in Uganda and perseverate in the discrimination against women and and other minorities .

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