#AdventistRevolution Makes Call for Gathering Of Unconventional Adventists

Berrien Springs, MI — The #AdventistRevolution movement is now pushing for a gathering of unconventional, non-traditional Adventists to meet in Indianapolis, IN on March 22, 2019. Back in October, the Associate Chaplain of Andrews University, Michael Polite, launched a direct and forthright response to the controversial General Conference Annual Council vote which established the proposed *Unity and Compliance* document as institutional policy. This two part series was tagged #AdventistRevolution. The release of a second couplet of videos is now proposing a move to organize a rally early next year.>

Although there have been multiple statements released since the landmark vote on October 14, 2018, this marks the first attempt to organize an official gathering of concerned Adventist believers. The video campaign calls for “Biblically-minded, unorthodox, Seventh-day Adventist members” to come together for a shared experience. It invites them to meet “so we can collaboratively…get our denomination back to the movement it was supposed to be.” Released on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, the video series attempts to address the General Conference’s “toxic push for conformity” by pointing viewers back to the revolutionary example of Jesus and the revolutionary actions of the first Christians in the book of Acts.

Both of the latest installments cogently outline the vision and mission of #AdventistRevolution. They make an appeal for contemporary Adventists to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by championing “a decentralized model for spiritual leadership.” They also attempt to recruit more supporters to “come join the movement.” It outlines what an Adventist Revolutionary looks like: “We are Biblical and we are relational. We are believers and we are humanitarians. We are unashamed and we are unconventional…Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we intend to spark a change that will revolutionize the face of this denomination.”

You can review a full outline of #AdventistRevolution’s vision, mission, and values at www.adventistrevolution.com.

(The views and opinions expressed in the four part series are to be interpreted as the personal views of the organizers and do not necessarily represent the views of Andrews University.)


WATCH Part 3:

WATCH Part 4:

Further Reading:

University Chaplain Releases Call for an Adventist Revolution

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The counter movement revs up its engines. Here we go…


While I am definitely interested in what this means and its potential -

When I first looked at their Website i was struck by the fact that there -

  1. Seems to be no one over about 35 (maybe 40) shown.
  2. Is no one with grey hair (aren’t we concerned about the future of our church, too?).

Does this means if you’re a pale, white 70 yr old man you don’t belong in this group?

Diversity goes all ways!


What hath Ted awakened?


It’s likely a college campus movement. It’s likely not going to go anywhere, because:

  1. Adventist is a trademark of a corp, which is enforced and guarded

  2. Old gen Adventists are historically entrenched in that identity… no matter what that identity shifted to today. Such adamant preference is what many consider to be “Christian faith”, which is rejection of all of that nonsense young generations are talking about.

  3. As such, the present-day structure is a self-enforcing and self-guarding structure that wouldn’t give up control to a bunch of kids who are protesting on college campuses.

Hence, when Martin Luther was formulated reformation, he didn’t intend to exit and create a competing structure. He actually believed that he could reform the existing Church, which he still considered to be the Catholic (universal) church… until he realized that the only way to reform was to stop fighting the existing powers that be, and create a new structure that better reflected the Biblical narrative that he was reading for himself. Hence he stopped equating the church structure with universality of the church.

Hence, Protestantism was born our of “reformation movement”. It didn’t end up reforming the Catholic church, which became more entrenched and fought with counter-reformation theology. Luther created a new movement of people who exited the old one and instead focused on local necessities that were “here and now” as opposed to some vacuous idea of “Global church” that no one ever sees other than a concept.

What seems to be happening today is the second reformation wave, which likely wouldn’t result in “reformation”, but likely trigger a mass exodus and formation of something else that’s closer to Biblical Christianity that we read, as opposed to corporate rigidity that exists today.

Hence, I really see exodus and formation as something else as a likely scenario, of course it’s a rather nightmarish one that will be labeled as “falling away” by the present day leadership who will hold on to certain canonized preferences until their last breath… but I really see no other way at this point of time. Neither I see a point in maintaining a giant monolith of an organization that has no clue or interest of local congregation beyond taking their resources in exchange for oversight.


Well said. May I add that I question whether the term “Adventist” is a protected term. “Advent” certainly isn’t. Even the term “Seventh-day Adventist” was used successfully some time ago, the GC sued, and the GC lost! Wikipedia lists several other organizations that use the term “Adventist”.

I’m an “old gen” Adventist - and I don’t think it should be assumed that all of us are entrenched. Though I’m 70 yr old 10th generation lifelong Adventist, I don’t assume that this denomination will exist indefinitely the way it is right now.


The Adventist Revolution. :grin:

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I seriously doubt that they would throw you out if you showed up in March in Indie. :grinning:


"What seems to be happening today is the second reformation wave, which likely wouldn’t result in “reformation”, but likely trigger a mass exodus and formation of something else that’s closer to Biblical Christianity that we read, as opposed to corporate rigidity that exists today."

One can only hope and pray for this when a schism occurs.


You and I may certainly question it, but just like Realtor, it’s a trademarked term that one can’t use in unsanctioned way and the organizational resources in most scenarios outpace those of small groups.


Know of only one that was decided against the church in a trademark dispute:

Of course I wouldn’t attribute these tendencies to age alone! Thank God for people like yourself in that regard :). Unfortunately age seem to factor in one way or another. And perhaps it’s the typical communication barrier between generations that come into play, and it’s merely amplified recently with technology and information that younger generation are consuming more rapidly.

I’m not sure. I would certainly be interested in your opinion as to why you think such is the case.

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I wouldn’t feel too bad about this, Peter. You probably wouldn’t feel that you were able to fully function/belong in your own church’s Cradle Roll either. :slight_smile: The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a pretty big organization. It has room for very different peoples that come in many different shapes, sizes, and ages. A lot of individual Adventist churches are pretty big, too. People can and do identify with smaller groups within larger organized groups to satisfy their needs to belong and contribute. Many are happier when they closely identify with a smaller group such as a Sabbath School class or Community Services organization. As we used to sing in SS: “Brighten the corner where you are.”

On the other hand, I’ve have found that Cradle Rollers are pretty accepting individuals. I’ll bet that the Unconventional Adventists are, too.


Age means nothing in this movement.

How about a contingent of Spectrumites gathering there in March? Who’s up for it?


Well, one can always use “Adventarian” instead of “Adventist.”
I may register this name and then sue if someone tries to use it, uh? :roll_eyes:


Would this apply to me too? Do you think they may deny entrance to me, maybe for being… excessively progressive? :innocent: :slight_smile:


You may have a better shot at it than me…after all, I “follow after” some Catholics! :tired_face:


Will the Associate Chaplin of Andrews Uni , Michael Polite, still have his job in 2019? Surely he will get a compliance notice in the mail for manifesting what Ted calls “a strange independence” (October 13 sermon). Has Ted ever practiced independent thinking? Is that why he finds it strange? Has he had someone else do his thinking for him? Perhaps a better question is, Does he think?


It appears that Michael Polite is standing alone, without any support from his colleagues in the ministry or in Andrews administration. Some of the ideas he is promoting are, in spite of what he claims, will shift church power and control from current leaders. He calls for the local church to be the storehouse for tithe not the Conference. I suspect that Andrews receives a sizeable amount of tithe dollars to support their religion departments and ordained individuals in administration.

As in all institutionalized faiths, the flow of money is as sacred as the Scriptures themselves. In their next step, will Michael Polite set up an alternate “storehouse” to receive and disburse tithe funds? Well this is certainly an on-going story as to when the official church will threaten the position of Mr. Polite, who will be seen as a non-supporting employee.


Intelligent thinking requires at least some independence. He appears not to be a supporter or a fan of “strange independence”… :roll_eyes: :innocent:


One general alone is usually not powerful enough to make a revolution happen. It needs to be a coalition of forces, to dethrone a seating dictator/president/leader, or to change the structure of an organization. It appears that, at this moment, Mr Polite does not have enough support for his ideas.

Yes, I agree that a revolution is needed in Adventism, especially to deal with this fiasco happening at the GC level. But Mr Polite may have revealed his intentions too early, thinking that the whole world would jump into his boat in a frenzy. Chances are slim, very slim.

And now he is a confessed “rebel.” He may soon experience the same fate John Huss did…


At this time of craziness, the most needed “revolution” is the inauguration of the NUTCRACKER CLINIC in the GC Building so that the staff may be properly/professionally helped if/when needed.
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