Adventists and Race in the Review

I deeply admire the Adventist Review! I know that seems like an unexpected thing to read in an article in Spectrum Magazine. But it’s true. I appreciate not only Spectrum, but also the Review, Adventist Today, Message, the Regional Voice and many of our other Church periodicals. I am personal friends with many of the editors and columnists at these publications and have even written for them on several occasions myself. I often enjoy – and sometimes disagree with – lots of pieces in these magazines. I see them as sister publications … or perhaps cousins: part of the same family, while still retaining their own personality. Yet, people often discuss them as if they are rivals instead: each staking out a plot within Church membership and battling readership for hearts and minds. From my perspective though, they complement each other as opposed to being contrarian towards each other. Together they create a mosaic comprising the different aspects of Adventist thought. While Spectrum does a great job of presenting a … well … spectrum of views all on its own, it’s definitely no secret that, among readers, there is a perception that Spectrum resides in the “liberal” camp of Adventism and the Review supposedly skews more conservative. The Review is often thought of as “safe” and traditionalist, while Spectrum is viewed as edgy and controversial. I think this dichotomous belief is misguided. There have been some notably conservative takes that have appeared in Spectrum! And, to the surprise of some, there have been plenty of fiery progressive pieces in the Review. The authors of the most sensational pieces may be unexpected.

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This excellent essay strengthens the resolve of citizens of the Kingdom of God. But I am afraid that the White Nationalists, Replacement Theorists, and Donald Trump supporters, including the deluded bigots who traffic on fringe SDA-related sites that are not named in this essay, will remain hostile and unrepentant. How can those people be persuaded to enter into the Kingdom of God? How can those people be persuaded that standing next to Satan, Trump, and other malignancies as hell fire rains down from the heavens is not a good place to be? I wish I knew, but I have no idea.


This is the problem with CRT, it has already decided what the answer is, and then searches for data to prove it. This is doing violence to data.

“If you torture the data long enough, it will eventually produce the answer you are looking for.” This concept is called P-hacking.

Academics and scientists are aware of this “observer effect” and bias in interpreting data and have tools to prevent this from happening.

Hitchins Razor: “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence”.

CRT should be dismissed out of hand. It is a dishonest and toxic neo-marxist pseudo-religious faith based world view. And it is racist.

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Appreciated this piece. Thanks

The problem is that these structures tend to be very loosely identified, or identified as a generic model that doesn’t translate to reality on the ground apart from isolated incidents.

When one begins to contextualize, the actual causes are different from the ones that CRT identifies.

If one takes an issue with police… the actual issue is culture of cyclical violence structured in poverty. Police encounters that violence more. It creates a statistical disparity.

I understand that black marginalized communities are not in that position by default, and it is a structural imposition of the past. The point being, the solutions will differ based on problems one may identify.

Hence, CRT isn’t CRT isn’t CRT… especially one begins to invoke made-up nonsense like “fragility” as a deterrent for criticism.


i don’t think this is likely…leaders tend to lead where the church wants to be led…racism is one of those issues most people don’t want to deal with, not because they’re racist, but because they just want to get on with their lives…


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