Adventists and the Wall

(George Tichy) #213

This comment of yours speaks for itself. I don’t need to comment on it…


Spectrum preference is to feed to spirituality of liberals

Render to Cesar . If trump wants it and people voted then do it. This is crazzzy to stall global economy with these childish stubbornness

We like these debates and arguements and reject authority.
Wrong for SDA to write a political article like this !!! Church should distance itself from these political issues

(George Tichy) #215

Sure, there are different opinions on the issue.

My opinion is that in this age of advanced technology, a wall is not enough to protect the border; it’s an expensive object that may be totally ineffective. The use of drones, cameras, and other pieces of technology may be way less expensive and way more effective. A wall will not prevent digging tunnels and jumping over it.

I also recommend keeping an eye on the contractors who will build the wall, if the $ is allocated in some way. Just to make sure there is no conflict of interest on Trump’s side. After all, he is the one who said, “Nobody builds walls better than I do.” And in the presence of $ billions, I can feel his thirst… to build the best walls…

  1. Trump promised that Mexico will pay for it. This is what motivated some people to vote for him. Which he knew was a lie, and many of us did too. Building the wall with our money (including those people who voted for him) is not keeping the promise. The promise was deceitful, this anyone can (should) see clearly.
  2. No, the majority of people who voted did not vote for Trump. There was a gap of -5 million votes more for Hillary. The Electoral College voted for Trump, representing a minority of votes. Nothing but a flaw in a system that is still erroneously called “a democracy.”

I personally don’t see any wrong in discussing the issue and presenting diverse opinions on it. Thanks Spectrum for providing a variety of articles and allowing a free discussion - unlike some other sites.

These are merely my opinions. I have no rock to throw on anyone who holds a different view. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and should be fully respected even in the presence of disagreement.

(Thanks for the video. Watched a few minutes only, it’s too long to be worth the time. Curious who pays that guy’s salary - he is too young to be a volunteer, should be working instead. Just… my opinion…)


Steven Crowder is an independent video blogger who derives his income from subscribers to his site. That video is a product of his work.

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He works…


He also describes himself as a Christian. Maybe not the right kind? :wink: A friend comedian/ writer/vlogger, Owen Benjamin, credits Crowder for his becoming a Christian after being raised Catholic.

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Hmmm, I always believed that Catholics were also Christians… :innocent:

Seriously now,
Does anyone know if the just supports the wall, or does he also support Trump?


Well George, he explained that it was a works-based religion circumventing the simple gospel. Sound familiar?

I don’t understand the question. Rephrase?

(George Tichy) #221

Is he just in favor of a wall per se, or is he a Trump’s supporter in general. I mean, a Republican who supports Trump.
Those are two distinct issues Not everyone who supports a wall at the border automatically supports Trump as a person, or as a President.


He can speak for himself. I do know he does not consider himself a republican. He has an interesting background being raised in Canada. Maybe take the time to watch?

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Can we not learn from history? Hadrians Wall, Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall to just name a few, only worked for a while when supported by soldiers who killed any who dared cross. Eventualy they fell. 5 Billion to bulild something that will fall? Who and whom benefits from the monies? Hint: Follow the money

(George Tichy) #224

Exactly! No-brainer. Not rocket science. Well, … for some people it appears to be.
Another wall to be added to your list is “Wall Street” … Yes, just follow the money.

(Patrick Travis) #225

JR, I live in a house with a front door and walls to help secure it from those I dont choose to enter and allow those I wish to.
Some still may break in by illegal means.Eventually my house will be demolished. Guess it was useless.

The wall saves more on social expenses by illegals to tax payers than it’s cost. Just common sense.

(JRStovall) #226

Support fo the statement? Facts, numbers? The question is about effectiveness which needs to be addressed first before spending. That is the way I do my own budget process. History has shown ‘walls’ are not effective to stopping people from movement, even when they are killed.

(Patrick Travis) #227

JR, consider the cost for medical care and educational care in Calif. Alone.
Tell Israel walls are not effective. You find a tunnel now and then…SO?
Let’s quit playing games. Multidisciplinary approach of walls, tech., border patrol and effective Immigration policy is needed. We finally have someone who has the courage to do what is needed…even with political, religious, corporate special interest that view the present “globalist vision” as the cat’s meow fighting him at every step. The same type EU UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS mentality that has it’s talons in England and won’t let go.

(Patrick Travis) #229

You may object so pick yours. It is expensive.

(JRStovall) #230

Real vs Not so Real
We can argue ‘cost’ till the cows come home! My original point and still is, can we call a wall/ 5billion dollars, in any way, cost effective for what it is supposedly going to do. That has not been addressed or factualy proven. We will just have to agree to disagree!

(Patrick Travis) #231

Yes, it is cost effective for what it IS SUPPOSE TO DO. Drones and technology dont keep people out of themseves, they observe them crossing the border. Kind of like diagnosis and no treatment,…All needed.

(Sherlock1) #232

The wall is very much a necessity. A good idea because it is needed, a bad idea because it is needed. Unfortunately people have crossed the border without using the port of entries and that in itself is a crime. Bad people with bad intentions cross the border illegally. Good people with good intentions cross the border illegally with good intentions but immediately become criminals because of this criminal act.
Our failing government for years continues making thoughtless and foolish decisions. If no free education or any financial freebies or housing or jobs were provided for illegal aliens the border issue would be solved for the good people with good intentions that create the criminal act of crossing illegally and place a financial burden on tax paying citizens.
The bad people with bad intentions have too many easy opportunities between ports of entry. For them we still need a stopping point between ports of entry. It is logical and just makes sense. Building a border wall is not a religious subject whatsoever. It is all about security in a sinful world.

(Patrick Travis) #233

I have an inspirational story. I have a brother in law from the Philippines that came to the US LEGALLY by himself on a work visa in the early 90’s. He worked and brought his wife in the late 90’s after becoming a US citizen. He has 1 US born child. He has two sons that are in the US Navy. They live in NY and love America. God bless Him. And, may God bless the USA. MAGA.