Adventists and the Wall

(George Tichy) #234

What the already great America needs now, desperately, is MADA: Making America DECENT Again.

(Patrick Travis) #235

That’s up to religion and individuals.

(George Tichy) #236

I thought leaders should lead in this aspect as well. But apparently their behavior has no impact on people’s behavior. Interesting.

(Patrick Travis) #237

Definitely desired in a theocracy…which we dont have or want. George, do you really want to go into the lives of some of our recent presidents R&D?

(George Tichy) #238

I know, many had problems. I NEVER condoned their behavior or immorality.

This is why bugs me, though, seeing people (even Christians…) adoring Trump and condoning his behavior despite his by far worse morality than most of his predecessors.
Well,… but after all he is a Republican, this is the only thing that matters, I guess…

I am curious to see how his middle/low class supporters will react when they realize something “interesting” when doing taxes this year… Already seeing some people cursing him in the news (not the reporters, but the real victims…). They are not happy, either, that the Mexicans are so stubborn and are not paying for the wall… After all, Trump promised… :roll_eyes:

Too late to repent though, the sin is having its effects… :wink: Let’s all be glad for Trump!!!


Did you watch the State of the Union speech the other night? Apparently we just have different definitions of what is good for the country. The many positive things helping Americans whose representatives refused to stand and/or clap is what bugs me. Blinding hate for a person is removing any chance of recognition, agreement and progress of the things that are helping America to be greater.

(George Tichy) #240

Yes, I did watch the SOTU.
I also watched several “facts checks” from several sources. The lies and inaccuracy were really astonishing. Some are listed in the link below.

If one really wants to get things that are fact-checked properly, a great source is Robert Reich’s FabeBoook. He goes over Trump’s words, actions, behavior on a daily basis. It is just amazing… Every day!

Also amazing is a POTUS reaching 9,000 lies in ca. 750 days, an average of
12 a day (7-day weeks). It’s 1.5 lies in an 8-hour day. :open_mouth:

Is this supposed to protect our Country? Seriously??? Just askin’…:roll_eyes:



After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigationinto the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

(Patrick Travis) #243

No truth is ever enough. That’s their narrative and they obviously will stick with it…and try to find anything related or unrelated to bring some charge…perjury.
So, what we have is even if it is a non event we try to find any “inconsistent” testimony and charge perjury or obstruction. The spirit of Justice is “laid waste in the streets.”


So true.
“We no longer have meaningful policy debates in Washington, we have investigations instead.”
-Tucker Carlson

(Patrick Travis) #245

Once again Trump will have to likely relent because he has so many RINOS among Rep. Like McCain on health care. Obviously no Dems.want a wall.
Hopefully between discretionary fund power or National emergency he can build the wall. Then, maybe, Dems. Will help to create a rational immigration policy at some point…but don’t count on it. We WANT LEGAL immigrants.

(George Tichy) #246

Well, this is what investigations are for: to find the truth!

But…, wait… Did I miss Mueller’s final report? Hmmm, how come everyone already knows it all before the result of the investigation is actually turned in. It sounds a little precocious to me to declare “no collusion” before the end of the investigation.

Just to be on the safe side, I prefer to wait for the final word. And I am sure the investigation is NOT yet close to the end. Things are actually escalating and lots of new info pouring into it. I am patient, will wait for it.


@GeorgeTichy will be here soon to fulfill that prophecy :wink:

(Patrick Travis) #248

Will it ever end George?

(George Tichy) #249

Oh…, so if there was perjury or obstruction that is OK now???
I thought crime is a crime no matter who the perpetrator is…
But not really, uh?

(Patrick Travis) #250

Where’s the money, George? As Tom Cruise said.
Dems., Hillary, set up a fake dossier and then people are prosecuted for denying it. Now some things previously done by some people other than campaign were true…but correlation doesn’t equal causation.

(George Tichy) #251

Why are you asking me? I am not in charge. The DOJ is, right? It started under Trump’s presidency, when his appointee was the AG.

I personally have no problem with a full investigation. Why would I have a problem with it? I am not afraid of waiting for a full investigation to be finished. If there was no collusion, great, the man will be vindicated. Excellent. It will prove that our President is truthful, has a clean character, never conspired with the Russians against America. Maybe those guys going to jail were just doing their own thing. It is possible. The final report will tell us all about it! But we have to wait…

I only wonder why some people cannot wait… :thinking:

(Patrick Travis) #252

Glad to wait and here it…and a response to the charges, or is that not acceptable?
For 2 yrs. The Dems have assumed guilty. Wrong? Not, innocent till proven guilty. Why the rush, George?

(George Tichy) #253


I am glad to hear from Trump, today, that he is already building the wall. Now he only needs to “finish it.” Yes, he really believes in that.

Maybe it will be finished by the end of May, or June. He will tell us. I am also sure that he will tell us that yes, Mexico paid for it! This for sure. Paid in full!

Another campaign promise fulfilled. And his supporters will be all energized again to vote for him in 2020.

(Patrick Travis) #254

Well at least NAFTA is to be done away with. What Ross Perot said correctly would be a giant sucking noise of jobs and money out of America.