Adventists and the Wall

(George Tichy) #41

Rudy Giuliani will be available (unemployed) soon. Unless he decides to be so loyal that he moves to a prison voluntarily…

(James ) #42

Ha. Our new found strong democracy will take care of all those wannabes when Bob Mueller and his good friend the next AG William Barr is ready to publish the report to the people.

(George Tichy) #43

Make this part of your strategy running for POTUS:

Hire a polling company that keeps telling the public that you have a 98% chance to win the election. Mr. Gauger has accumulated a vast experience in doing this, so maybe you should contact him.
Believe me, he got the technology. It worked in 2016!!!

For more details, read this:

(James ) #44

Yep. Mueller will explain all that too. VP George let us be focus like Solomon. These Wannabes have been wasting time fixated on this 40 foot wall and doing nothing progressive for the past 2+ years. The wall that we were fooled so many times about …that Mexico was supposed to be paying for is definitely doomed to fail like all the other failed things wannabe attempted to enforce. We need a 21st century plan for America. America needs a wise leader like Solomon who asked God for wisdom in his century. The wall opponents in the south are not even bothering about this foolish 40 ft wall because they are great tunnel builders. Patrick seems to have lost the wall case and now hiding. lol

(George Tichy) #45

Trumpy is furious, saying that Barr didn’t tell him that he is good friends with Mueller. However, Barr says he told him that. Can Barr (or anyone else…) be a bigger liar than Trumpy? I doubt.

Let’s see how Giuli manages this issue now… :wink:


If i could ‘like’ your comment several times, I would. Amen, bro.

(George Tichy) #47

If Trumpy is such a great wall builder, he should focus on building the “Wall Street”…
It doesn’t look that good these days… Maybe he and his family are going to have a new, more colorful “jumpy start” … There is always a second chance… :laughing:

(James ) #48

Looks like he is finally “Man of the Year”

(George Tichy) #49

It looks like it may actually be years (plural). Instructing someone to lie to the Congress is a federal offense that carries a 5-year penalty. Time can just reprint the same magazine every year… :wink:

(Patrick Travis) #50

Well, it looks like the ole George is back with his obsessions of Trump. All this aside, the border wall needs to be built and it isn’t a religious or moral issue. It is a common sense national sovereignty move. Come legally under law or not at all. No open borders here…neither did OT Israel have them…btw.

(George Tichy) #51

Well, my obsession tells me that your big orange boy had his title changed, from POTUS to POTRUS!!! Do you like it?

(Patrick Travis) #52

Not sure what you are referring to. You seem a bit quick to a accept rumors as facts George. You and Jeremy both had Kavanugh disqualified for SCOTUS. How did that rumor work out for you? Trump for POTUS 2020!

(George Tichy) #53

HaHA, I knew you were not updated. Trump just became POTRUS yesterday:

President of The Russian United States. :slight_rofl

After Buzzfeed threw the bombshell yesterday, when confirmed it will grant Trumpy the legal status of criminal. Instructing someone to lie to the Congress carries a 5-year prison time. Or do you still believe that Mueller does not have enough documents on it all???

I wonder who is the real one “obsessed” with Trump here?.. :innocent:

Oh, the pools will be great for him at that time. Do you know who will be replacing Cohen in the job of contracting Mr. Gauger’s services again in 2020?

(Val Mellor) #54

Hard to believe this publication has turned so political. Let’s focus on helping all those around us that are in need, it is a better way to spend our time than quibbling on forums. All we have to do is walk down the street in most of our communities. At the end of the day, who did we help personally?

(Nathan Robinson) #55

Well, I was hoping the conversation would be more substantive. You probably know that you are oversimplifying and arguing at the “but what about…” level.

Do you really expect the answer to be “no?” Do you leave the door to your heart locked in the face of suffering?

Again, this raises the problem of whether Christian principles have a finite application, specifically at the civic level.

(Patrick Travis) #56

By all means we must accept buzzfeed.
I accept proven fact not rumors in this political insanity.
If you are suggesting we are to accept Cohens word for anything while seeking a plea is quite naivete, George.

(Patrick Travis) #57

Why over simplification? The Pope has walls and guards. Obama has walls and guards. Why shouldn’t our border?
People are poor at times. Shall we from the heart open bank vaults? We work within the sphere of where we are and what we can do, heart wise.
We should be thankful we work under “the rule if law” and not a pollyanna vision of “Imagine.” There is a severely warped world view present today. It is manifest in this strand.

(George Tichy) #58

Freedom of speech is untouchable on this site as long as it does not become “ad hominem” attacks.
It’s not mandatory to participate in the exchange of opinions either. :innocent:

(Patrick Travis) #59

I have requested a long time that Spectrum not become a political action committee for the DNC.
My political responses are just that RESPONSES to political positions dressed in the garb of a supposed self described neo-morality cunningly passed through multiple filters of the authors pleasing.

(George Tichy) #60

Buzzfeed came up with the info, it needs to be verified, sure.

However, they quote TWO sources involved in the Mueller investigation, and say that the info is based on documentation, not only on Cohen’s word.
I wonder how will documentation (paper, electronic) be proven to be fake…
It does not smell good, it really stinks… It stinks as bad as “crime” does…