Adventists and the Wall

(George Tichy) #61

Oh, this is so nice of you… :roll_eyes:

(Patrick Travis) #62

Well let’s see it and let’s see if it stands! This is a vicious time when leaks are presumed true. When one is presumed guilty rather than innocent.
Where treachery abounds for the next 5 min.of attention.

(Patrick Travis) #63

Use you fact checks and see when I started a political hijacking. Nada–0


I am a legal immigrant from South Africa, arriving here in 1962. At that time there was a restrictive quota of only one hundred South Africans per year allowed to enter the United States on a green card. The waiting list was FIFTEEN YEARS LONG.

I was fortunate enough to find a US employer who desperately
needed my services and allowed me to get a priority visa — even then, it took over a year for the paperwork to be processed.

Here is the brutal truth ;
There are several billion humans living in dire misery, poverty, penury, all of whom would jump at the chance to cross our borders and partake of our largesse.

Problem is we are rapidly approaching TWENTY TWO TRILLION in national debt,
and our resources are not unlimited.

In Portland Oregon, where I own a home, every bridge in the city has
countless homeless camped out under it, to shelter from the rainy cold dismal Portland winter !

Our primary responsibility is to our own American homeless, our own veterans, our own minorities living in inner city slums. Our “poor white”
Appalachian population living below the poverty line.

Regardless of quotes from EGW and other platitudes!!

(George Tichy) #65

That’s why I wrote those words of appreciation.

(Patrick Travis) #66

You also had to have a sponsor guaranteeing your financial accountability. Now it’s the Powerball for provided government services!

(Val Mellor) #67

Just sad to see it turn so political. Time could be better spent.

(George Tichy) #68

I have plenty of time to deal with some issues that are real in life, and that are affecting our lives at every moment. I cannot spend 16 hrs a day going down the street doing good and helping others. Maybe some people are doing this, but that would not be emotionally or physically healthy for me, “believe me.”

Besides, I live in the US, and for me it wouldn’t be responsible to just not be informed on what is happening in the country.

(Val Mellor) #69

My observation is that some would rather talk about it, than actually do what they can to help. I think a balance would be helpful.


Yikes! Crabs! Have you ever watched a crab on the shore crawling backward in search of the Atlantic Ocean, and missing it? That the way Trump’s mind operates on the steel wall.

(James ) #71

George, keep up the pressure. Everything is political when it’s not going their way. Only in a communist society you have to watch your speech but not here in our great America. Do not forget that some of our church folks were silent when “WHITES ONLY” signs were posted all over the south and the case at our Hospital in Washington DC where the church folks refused to treat a black patient who ended up dying. That unjust useless wall of Mexico if built by wannabe will come tumbling down just like the wall of Jericho.

(Andrew) #72

If ever a President has a mandate for anything after an election win, it’s the wall. Vote him out soon but he’s entitled to a rounding error in the US budget toward it.

The D’s should be going hard to assist dreamers and other sensible concessions for those who lived their whole life in the US but instead are just appealing to their tribe. Negotiate hard and get something good out of it.

(Andrew) #73

George, could you be any more tribal? It takes away from anything substantive that you have to say.

(C. Evans) #74

Look I don’t support the building of a wall. It just says the wrong thing how we as Americans view the world. But I live no more than ten minutes from Nancy Pelosi’s house. A grand estate with a twelve foot wall all around it. Before people say well this is different because she holds a high government position, let me remind those writers that their life is just as important as her’s. It’s jus as valuable as President Trumps.

So if you oppose the wall, oppose all those walls intended to keep someone (s) out. This land belongs to all who seek to be here. And a wall is a wall no matter who builds it.

(James ) #75

George, Wannabe must be reading your posts because he has scheduled a big speech tomorrow at 3 pm to be or not to be.

(C. Evans) #76

I take it you believe some walls are ok and some are not? Pelosi’s wall is not for keeping people in, it’s for keeping people out.

(Patrick Travis) #77

It’s pure blind hypocrisy. But to her she is more important than just plain old Americans. That’s the view of statist beauracrats. They fly the best, eat the best, bed down the best. They have guaranteed healthcare and retirement .
They place burdens on citizens and won’t bear a one.


So according to this article God is awful because He has a big beautiful wall around the New Jerusalem. Their you have it God is not a good Christian.

(C. Evans) #80

Let’s be fair here. That hypocracy gait swings both ways. We seem to have billions to spent in the Middle East and send young men and women there to either come home in body bags or maybe worse with mental breakdowns for the rest of their lives but we spend nothing on the mental health of this nation.

When Mr. Obama was in office the right pounded his every move and now the left is pounding Presidents Trumps every move in a public fashion but back slapping each other at parties and behind closed doors. They both want the same thing and that is a bigger chunk of the pie. Neither cares about the people and I believe it’s foolish to believe otherwise.

(reliquum) #81

So much herd mentality posturing ones own moral superiority (on the basis of who they hate) on both sides, that, as in the house, nothing gets done, but the rhetoric heats up until critical mass.
Then what? Will we finally begin to solve problems? Or, brick by brickbat build up each or own walls, walls to keep opposing ideologies sanitized out of our lives, our churches, our societies…

We are officially idiots, and sorely deserve whatever we get.