Adventists and the Wall

(Patrick Travis) #82

Dont disagree that’s the attitude of the special interest groups involved in both parties.

(Sherlock1) #83

Yes, this has become quite the big deal, this whole wall thing. We really shouldn’t need a wall but there have been many people that have circumvented the port of entry and become criminals because of the illegal entry. And then there are those who have committed crimes such as drug running and sex trafficking because they probably went around the ports of entry also. It is too bad we need to build a wall, but it really is only for our safety from criminals, illegal aliens and the like.
At least we finally have a president that will follow through with this great need. It just amazes me at how much good Trump has accomplished in spite of all the hatred that has been thrown his direction. He is such a great business man and patriot for our country! Haven’t seen this kind of leadership in many years. We can thank God for blessing us just a little while longer before the onslaught of demon activity takes over prior to the second coming of our Lord.

(Sherlock1) #84

You have a great observation. Both parties seek POWER, but one is a little more evil than the other.

(C. Evans) #85

For me evil is evil. No real margins for me. But human being need to be treated with respect and dignity and we have the power to do both yet those most down and out get neither.

(Sherlock1) #86

And some of the students could be Peeloopy, Schtuper, and Hilliar.

(Sherlock1) #87

Actually, building a wall plus other security measures are necessary to maintain some law and order, thus safety. We do it all over our country because it works with great success, but not always 100% success. Our open port of entries are sufficient to show that we have open arms to those who apply and are accepted, however let it not be confused that our country is a church.

(Sherlock1) #88

“Doing TIME” photo…Is this the way the Trump family has to dress in order to visit the Lynch mob, Hilliar, Holder, Rice, and Loretta at their future home?

(C. Evans) #89

Give people jobs and get more border patrol and drones in the sky. But a wall makes me feel sick. Also al the drug crimes and sex trafficking are not coming from illegals. More of it it’s legalls. And Chicago and other cities got plenty to clean up from legalls don’t you think.

(Sherlock1) #90

Efficient and effective border security is the key. Border patrol and drones and a wall should contribute to the success. Most drugs are coming across the mexican border according to facts presented by law personnel.
What I have not heard from politicians is how they can stop the interest of illegal aliens from coming to the U.S. We all know what that is… the money. Stop the free government hand outs, stop the free education to aliens, stop the permanent living space, no job without an E-verify, and the illegal aliens will lose interest in sneaking across illegally.

(C. Evans) #91

Listen I am all for stopping government money going to illegals. I am even for some of the free stuff legalls get being stopped.

(George Tichy) #92

And who told you that I am against the wall at the border, any wall? I have a wall around my home, not in the front though. Did I ever say that I oppose the wall? I don’t remember saying that. And I couldn’t care less if the wall is built or not. Though…, in our era of technology, building a wall like that? Poor judgment. He should also ask the NRA to promote guns that spit rocks… :roll_eyes:

What I am against is this craziness of a POTUS taking the country into a chaos, shutting down the Government, and hurting hundreds of thousands of federal employees, their families, and all that comes with it. This is crude. Only a sick mind could do something like this.

Well, whoever follows the news closely has enough information to make their own mind. I don’t go by what the reporters say, I go by what they show Trump saying and doing. It’s more than enough to make my mind and wish that he is impeached for all what he does.

(George Tichy) #93

Hey James,
I hope he does not have my real address… He could send the Russians after me… 2B or not 2B… LOL
Life is though this days. On one side there is the KGC Kompliance Kommando ready to shoot. On the other side is Trump’s Russian armada in the US. And Trump kimself is shooting our government. Geeshhhh…
I better go to Brazil!!!.. lol

(Patrick Travis) #94

George, how is you buzzfeed rumor going fir you tonight? I think you’ve been drinking to much of the fake news and believing all is true.
The reason to shut down is “business as usual” means to Dems., no wall ever! It takes wall and technology and humans!

(C. Evans) #95

If you like your doctor you can keep him or her. If you like your insurance you can keep it. Premiums for all families will go down. Were you sick to your stomach then? Come on George you have been around far to long to believe a politician of any kind. You berate Trump but polish the boots of Obama. I will give you this, you are one loyal guy and I respect loyalty.

(George Tichy) #96

Now, that was indeed funny!!! But a great idea. However, I doubt Putin will allow Trump to do that.

(George Tichy) #97

Well, will see! Mueller’s office said today that the report is not “accurate,” but at no point said that it is not true.
So, it’s going OK so far I guess.

If just this crime is confirmed, that he induced Cohen to lie to Congress, what are you going to say? Will you just continue supporting him with straight face no matter what?

(Patrick Travis) #98

I will accept due process for a sitting POTUS…not rumors, accusations or political vitriol.

(C. Evans) #99

All these news feeds are trying to break head turning lines to play to a base including Fox and Buzzfeed. Good grief Buzzfeed came out and said Hillary and the DNC didn’t pay for the dozier. How did that turn out. Fox said Trump didn’t kiss the back side of the Prince. How did that turn out. Now those things mak you sick.

(Patrick Travis) #101

It is said that Nancy’s canceled flight, should have paid for the wall Nancy :), 93 people. 7 Dems and extended families tax payers were paying for in this crucial flight. Uh huh!

(C. Evans) #102

Patrick that is probably just two little spoiled brats, Trump and Pelosi playing sandbox games. They should be married because nobody else should have to go through the pain of living with either one.