Adventists and the Wall

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You’re one administration too late with that complaint. Other than that, you’re right. They should bus them up and let them roam the country. My guess they’ll end up on the left coast - more like home.


Those seeking asylum should continue to be processed in immigration courts. But now that the president has furloughed the judges, government attorneys, border patrol employees and national security teams, it’s definitely a moot point.

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That’s OK, with the large numbers they get a rain check for the court hearings any way, and let loose, never to be seen again.


May I add: “read, but read out loud! especiallyverses 14:19

19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household,


Did you see where someone helped illegals over her wall and Pelosi called the police to haul them off? Not very accommodating.

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No I didn’t hear that because frankly she is a pain in the rear to our lovely little town and everyone wishes she would live in SF where her district is but no those folk are way to common for her.

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God certainly seems a little fixated on judging others, lol.

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Surely most illegal immigrants would want to pass through to Canada anyway. Why would you stay in the US when access to housing, healthcare etc is so much better there.

Given any additional wall building is apparently immoral then ipso facto, the whole thing should be torn down.

So most future caravans should be allowed through and offered transport to the Canadian border.
This would avoid the EU scene of thousands crossing one safe refuge country after the other to get to Germany.

Problem solved.


Has anyone here read this book? Perhaps this topic could be the next book reading club here at Spectrum. @webEd


Not yet… but thanks for the heads-up!

You Welcomed Me: Loving Refugees and Immigrants Because God First Loved Us

The author, Kent Annan, is an interesting fellow.

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It’s not about loving it’s about reality. Let’s take a look at building affordable housing. A good idea, a loving idea, but a unrealistic idea. It goes like this: “. We need affordable housing. We demand affordable housing. It’s the loving thing to do.” Great let’s build it here. " oh no you can’t because I live near by and it will drive down the value of our homes". Oh ok lets build it over here. “. Oh no you can’t build it there because it’s to close to schools and children might be in danger”. Oh ok well let’s build it here. “Nope that’s enviornmental land we have to protect”. And so since the first cry went out we are 40 years down the road and we still don’t have affordable housing.

Writing a book is just like standing in your living room watching ocean shots on your TV and saying let’s throw some rocks in the ocean that will be fun. Oh wait it will break my TV. Can’t do that terrible thing.

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I support the right to protest even if the protester might be a smug little fellow wearing a hat. I don’t support getting up and urging citizens to run those they disagree with out of businesses and other places for their safety. Which is worse?


It’s possibly on this thread that I’m seeing this alert for the first time, that the topic will close in a month. And I have to ask, Why does Spectrum close topics?

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Naah, they set the threads like that few months back-i guess to reduce resurrections of long-dead threads…(which, when brought back to life are also extinguished.)
Probably to also limit the lengths of tangential discussions, etc…


How do we decide when a topic has been exhausted? Or is it to economize on limited data space?

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So? Being in the household of faith in Christ doesn’t allow me membership in the other sovereign nations of the world.
Next time you travel, try not giving your passport but offer the text.
Separation of the roles of church and state in real life.

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The author ends, “In a single sentence … love your neighbor as yourself.” but there is a major issue there. Start be defining so there is no quibbling what love is. My friend Ellen wrote, “Love is a principle of action.” Those words are found in several places, but the exact reference is not the core issue. Ellen didn’t tell us what the principles were that when expressed in concrete actions reveal love.

She does give an unambiguous place to start. If you start there, you will find what I found. Start by looking for principles that are revealed in concrete actions. Those principles are known today. Those principles have been fully validated. It has even been written how to find the principles of love’s action in the Decalogue.

I like very much what Hayden wrote about growing up in Brownsville Texas. It is the story of the road to Jericho. But does that story answer the questions of headship? You can write the questions anyway you want to. But, does the story name the principles of love that are revealed by concrete actions?

The point is this. If we are to love, we must know what love is. I claim my friend Ellen nailed it. For me personally, her words have been fully validated. The principles discovered are fully validated by others as well. Have you validated them in your life?

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Patrick, I can’t let you and all those wannabes get away with the New Jerusalem wall explanation. Please separate Heaven from New Jerusalem. Heaven is temporary and New Jerusalem is a permanent home for all the saints where the city gates will be wide open. Your explanation just reminds me of wannabe when he got lost at Liberty University trying to explain 2 Corinthians but said “Two Corinthians” We were all shocked and confused and wondering which “two Corinthians” citizens he was talking about then realized he meant Second Corinthians and I said to myself where was he hiding all 70 years, under a rock? Then I said why all these folks following a candidate who apparently never opened or like some not familiar with the Bible? I said to myself, it will take someone like this who apparently never read or is familiar with the Bible to bring us to doomsday. Here is the “Two Corinthians” shocker I am referring too.

(Patrick Travis) #145

What is the difference between 2 Corinthians and second Corinthians?
One problem we have today is presentation is more important than content…to some.
As to heaven, the New Jerusalem you may discover, Rev. 21:2 is coming down from heaven. So was it in heaven…or did it magically appear?
I’ve had seminary Professors use “2” before rather than second referring to books. It really didnt destroy my day. Content, conveyance and purpose in communication, I suggest, is what communication is about.

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2B or not 2B. Let’s see how he turns out then. I must let you know that the good thing about President Donald Trump is that he makes me read the Bible a lot more so that is a good thing for me. Blessings