Adventists and the Wall

(Patrick Travis) #147

Good. I thought that was a great motivational speech to Liberty graduates myself.
The man doesn’t claim religiosity, as I see it, but his mom was obviously formative in his respect for Christianity from her Scotish Presbyterian roots. I am thankful for that.

(James ) #148

He appears to me all about himself. I noticed that the Bible did spend a lot of time on past leaders because they have the power to draw a lot of people 2B or not 2B so be careful about who we follow. Leadership in the home, school, church and government is important to our final destiny. And correct, it’s not about what they say, it’s about what they do unto others. So I am reading much and watching with deep thoughts about my own doings unto others.


Befuddled as I am by your defense of that character, I have to say I found the whole uproar about his “Two Corinthians” quite bizarre. Even if there weren’t eminent Bible scholars doing the same - which there are - he isn’t known for any affinity for the Bible or Christianity, After all, that’s how the reference is typically written. And what made it all the more bizarre is the biblical cluelessness of many in their critiques.

(Patrick Travis) #150

Exactly Beres! Some dont accept a word of scripture that criticized him. Their point is simply to criticize the man!
If, McCain had voted Yes and If He succeeds in getting any “wall” to help stop the massive flow of illegals then he will/would be 10/10 for his campaign promises effort.
I find that amazingly unpolitician! They normally promise and then capitulate/ “forget.”
The last 4 or more Pres. Promised to do something about border security and illegal immigration. Trump is actually digging his heels in for doing what he said!
I think this is admirable. Not what we expect as voters in my life!
That’s why I defend him…plus agreeing with his platform.

(James ) #151

Ironic. What that drummer is beating/saying to these children is that we did not build a wall against the early refugees such as Columbus or the Mayflower. Today you are calling refugees a caravan of invaders. My history book said it was discovery/colonization but my intelligence settled with the truth that the drummers were there before. Resting my case. Read this link to see how it went. Ironic indeed.

(Patrick Travis) #152

We live in the present with nations that have borders and by rule of law the right to control who comes in and leaves. I have entered and left 25+ countries in my life. All required passports. Plain and simple!
So, you would view Biblically God violated “natural law” of the rights of man when He drove out nations to establish Israel, correct?
There simply is no order possible now by trying to appeal to what one’s view may consider unjust in the past.
Nations have the right to protect their borders and control entry…and departure.

(James ) #153

Nope. God didn’t violate anything. We are living in his creation… Genesis 1. There were some history behind that move. It’s all his. I noticed that Israelis did not take good care of that gift.

(Patrick Travis) #154

OT Israel failed as a nation their covenant commitments. Thus, as Christ pointed to, Rome took the city and temple.
To use history as a default or crutch as to why not do the best we can today simply is an exercise in victimhood.
Modern Israel’s wall helps and it would for us also. Responsible immigration policy and border security. That’s the common sense moral thing to do.

(James ) #155

See we are at a dead-end like the politicians. OK let’s say you give Trump his personal wall with the custom Trump initials all over it and lets say the illegals build more tunnels as a balance. We lose. No wall no tunnels and you stand a better chance of stopping drugs and illegals through legal ports of entry. As a businessman, I will go for the method that will likely catch both and reduce the $$$trillions of the national debt by $6.8 billion+. The opponents of the wall seem like the best option for saving. Those who need a wall could go and build it with Trump from their own savings but not my taxes.

(Patrick Travis) #156

It’s not just the wall, they need every part. Some tunnels are less evasive than just walking across. Since when did Dems. Worry about spending 5.7 b? :smile: The wall’s also slow illegal entry while other resources assist. In today’s budget the wall is chump change. It is because it’s a wall Trump wants. It’s the elite globalist of Rep. & Dem. That also resist the wall.

(Andrew) #158

Fair point. It’s obvious he knows little of the Bible and has serious character flaws, perhaps more than most presidents but also perhaps less inclined or able to hide them.

The US character test of religiosity has always been a bad one and created numerous faux devotees.

I have no reason to doubt his Christianity but Obama doesn’t seem to have attended church on a regular basis since being elected. One can see the unfortunate necessity of faith resume building start in Chicago when his ambitions were formed.

(Patrick Travis) #159

So the aide workers enter a Gov’t facility illegally to leave water for prospective illegal immigrants…not specific, and are charged for illegal entry on a facility that has unexploded ordinances. Now that has become a battle cry by this person for “national guilt?”
Fallacious reasoning! So one is free to break all laws if they feel their intent is good? I can become Robin Hood and rob banks to assist the needy. I can commit insurance fraud if I help a street person get well. Do we not see the mentality of anarchy/lawlessness this thinking creates? Some of us do and it isn’t acceptable in a nation of the rule of law…

(Patrick Travis) #161

So, apple’s and oranges. Let’s make that a reason we can now “righteously” break all laws? Ridiculous.
Think about this. It was solved by Congress doing its job!
Trump is trying to solve the issue. Dems.say never with your wall! We want free flow of illegals!

(Val Mellor) #162

7 Dems AND extended family? 93 bodies that need to go and “spread good will?” And they have the audacity to say a wall, that the border patrol says works, is a waste of money? Unbelievable.

(Patrick Travis) #163

Consider the professional politicians homes that always remind us of the plight of the poor. Clinton, Sanders, Pelosi, Obama. From where cometh the money?
Suffering servants or…?

(Ian m fraser) #164

I. Sent the following to the White House:

It occurs to me that the Trump corporation could build a chain of resorts along the Mexican border linked by a highway and secured by a fence all the way. Investors would rush to finance this project and Mexicans would come there for vacations thus paying for the fence. Also Trump supporters would spend vacations there playing golf and enjoying other sports, depending on the area. The Rio Grande could support water sports for example. I cannot understand why this not already underway.

I got the following in reply:

Thank you for contacting the White House. We are carefully reviewing your message.
President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved. President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.


The Office of Presidential Correspondence

(Ian m fraser) #165

Maybe Nancy Pelosi would support this plan!

(James ) #166

Ian, good start to solving the wall crisis. Maybe your ideas will open our government soonest. Trump needs wise advisers around him. Apparently his current advisers are unable to help him out and all should be replaced soonest. I think I heard him saying a few times Mexico will pay for the wall but like everything else he never had a meeting with Mexico or worked this out with his Fox management team on how this could B or not 2B. You will have to send your message to the Fox News and Friends. He only listens to them.

(Patrick Travis) #167

Just enjoyed the blood moon EST that won’t occur for the next 18 yrs. MAGA. :slight_smile:

(James ) #169

Ian, glad you will hear from him soon. Reply ask him why he is not building Trump Towers in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Honduras etc. The caravans will stay home if they have jobs at home. Also ask him why he is so ready to build towers in communist North Korea, Moscow and China? Why not use our $6 billion to fix the bridges, highways, airports, schools, social security, the environment and the still brown water flowing in Flint Michigan? Where is the promised infrastructure and the big promised tax refund? Go and calculate your one page 2018 tax refund. Most will be reduced so maybe that is why there is a shutdown so you never file to realize whats coming. lol…Two plus years and all we got is the greatest government shutdown ever and another two more years of fighting for a wall that will never happen. Tell him these are the things that matter to all tax payers.