Adventists and War: Reflecting on 100 Years since Armistice Day

Lol, you’ve got the wrong war. Per my other note, most Americans know nothing about nor hardly honour their own servicemen of the Great War.

The world is commemorating 100 yrs of signing the armistice that ended WW1.

Could be. Just speaking the truths of WW2. My bad. I honor all those who died against dictators and due to the flawed world view of progressive humanist such as “The League of Nations” that thought “Peace on Earth” was achievable.

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I suggest @1QOL that you reread your WW2 hisytory, specifically a non-American source. The Australians provided shelter for Mac when he was on the run. The Australian reserves (not even their best troops) inflicted the first defeat of Japanese land based troops. They did so in the very inhospitable terrain against a vastly superior force. This was on the famous Kokoda Track, which crossed the spine of PNG. The fighting took place on near vertical mountainsides, in jungle so thick your enemy was almost on top of you before you saw him. If they did not America would have been on their own.
No one country can claim the victory. It was only with the support of others that each country was able to do what they did.

I was not trying to say only America won WW2, which by the way Andrew, was what we had been discussing related to Tom and the Philippines etc., But I think most would acknowledge that without the quickly developing military industrial complex of the US both Europe and Australia would primarily be speaking German or Japanese now. :slight_smile:
True that we needed land bases and additional manpower; And, I am certainly not meaning to brag concerning the terrible nature of war but I think most would recognize that the US was the primary “human” military industrial source of resistance to the desire of world supremacy by Germany and Japan. Fair enough?
And Importantly, I believe the grace of God was on “our” side.

People need to realize that because others went into battle…their freedoms were protected.

Jericho…Israel army marched around the city for 7 days…then destroyed it. Men, women, children. You know they even marched on The Sabbath.

We Adventists are very good at picking parts of the OT that fit a narrative, and ignoring others.

Obviously the God of the OT made a HUGE distinction between killing as a crime, and killing during battle. We somehow think they are the same.

We should thank a veteran daily.


Thanks Stephen,
In the OT there is the “lawful” & “unlawful” taking of life. The 6th command has to do with the “unlawful” murder of the innocent.


Thanks Steve,

Many SDA churchgoers are fanatically, institutionally unrealistic.

Let others do their Sabbath work and let non SDA gentiles fight for their freedoms.

Another reason for slamming the inept teachers.

But what is also a tragedy is inept military leaders sending troops out to get slaughtered.

In the Review & Herald article above…read the text too , not just see Tom’s name highlighted.

All the casuistic distinctions between what killing was permitted and what was not and by whom and under what circumstances were eradicated by a word spoken on another mount:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. … You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder; and whoever murders will be liable to judgment.’ But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment. …You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. … You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. …

Seventeen years of war and vengeance have done nothing. We take the same hill time and time again. The bodies of both sides and of the innocent stack up. Veterans return with PTSD and moral injury and TBI and depression and without arms and legs and eyes.

Perhaps it is time for Christians to return to the words of Jesus.


Resoundingly “Amen” Bill!

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Romans 13:4 still applies though for rulers. If you are convinced of “conscientious objector” that’s fine. Some are convicted it is ok to participate as the delegated sword against what they consider evil. “Separation of church and state” means that. Jesus words don’t apply to the legitimate designated actions of government. In any event the kingdom of God is both “now and not yet.” It does not come in fulness till the King of Kings comes with vengeance and delivers His own. Rev.19.

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I guess this is what President Trump spent the day doing today while in seclusion in the WH. Not honoring the Veterans, not nothing!!!

I bet he made many of his supporters very proud… :roll_eyes:

Well George, I am glad you are so concerned but have no idea what you are referring to. I wish he had slept all day. To me, a vet, he is potentially the greatest President this country has had in my lifetime. His 10 points of campaign promises have almost been met excepting health care which was blocked by McCain and the wall not financed due to RINO’s and Dems.

You may recall that on Sunday Trump was in France honoring the vets of WW1. After the long trip, I would hope he got some sleep yesterday so as to remain healthy in order to be our great president another 6 yrs. despite the hatred and venom of his opponents.


I really do not appreciate when someone challenges others’ intelligence or assume, for his convenience, that people are misinformed and have no clue about what is going on; for example, the fiasco and embarrassment that happened in France. Inexcusable!!!

And, an US Prez completely ignoring Veterans Day is an offense to the American spirit, to all Americans (well,… apparently not to “all”…). It’s sad seeing someone excusing such a deplorable performance by a POTUS. Some Americans may be fooled by the man, but the world is not, and they may be in awe laughing at us. Click and see the numbers:

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Jesus’ words apply to those who claim his name. And Christians too often want to rationalize them.

Governments today do not fight to stop evil; force is merely an instrument of national policy. That’s not the same thing.

Christians live in the world, but are called to be separate from the world. They are called to acknowledge the authority of governments, but to act differently than governments.

Well George, are you referring to Macron criticizing Trump before he even arrived? Are you referring to him saying they needed their own army to protect even against the US. Are you referring Macron making a political speech on globalism on the day of the commemorative service? I’m really not sure how Trump offended you?

As to Obama and the other Nations and liking the US. SO? I thought as a psychiatrist you would know the unhealthy practices of “people pleasing.” Obama’s administration never confronted anyone over Trade inequalities or EU nations not paying their share of NATO. Obama made a deal with Iran that the EU loves because they love doing trade with them. I don’t care if Europe likes us. I do hope for mutual respect among nations. I suggest Obama’s friends like Him more for the US purse than actually like the US.

A story. In 1991 I went to Ho Chi Minh city. The US had requested our Allies that we have an embargo to Vietnam. You know the war and occupation first started under the French. I arrived at the airport and noticed a familiar sight. It was the fact that every supportive vehicle there was made by brand new Mercedes from our German friends. Nuff said of our wonderful European “leaders” allies. Not the people.

We go in conflicts and Europe enjoys the trade. I am not a globalist and I don’t support the global “special interest” that are in favor of that least democratic system.

These are but a few of the reasons that I like Trump for 6 more years. He confronts doublespeak!

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Bill, I am perfectly ok with you being a “conscientious objector.” I assume you feel it’s also wrong for Christians to be policemen/women due to Christ words on the mount?

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  1. I am not a psychiatrist, but rather a psychologist. (Psychiatrists, like our par excellence @elmer_cupino are much smarter than psychologists… :wink: )
  2. No, I was not talking about Macron. I was talking about Trump, who refused to go to the site where…, oh, never mind.
  3. “I do hope for mutual respect among nations.” The way Trump disrespects other Nations, I have no realistic expectations only until someone with some decency inhabits the WH again and restores Alerica’s good name.
  4. It must feel good to be proud of Trump and what he has done for America so far, especially for the middle class. Stick with him. (Sorry for the over 330 seats the Democrats picked up nationwide a few days ago… :roll_eyes:)

1)Excuse me for projecting to you more intelligence. :slight_smile: I have a close psychologist friend. A veteran of 3 wars. He likes Trump…FYI. So, all u guys are not misinformed. :slight_smile:
2) I knew you were talking about Trump. I was merely pointing out how the European Micron welcomed Trump.
Trump’s helicopter was unable to go to the first ceremonial site due to weather. And, the his guardians did not want him to drive.
3) You mean respect from others when they get everything they want…not mutual “law” respect. Correct?
4) Well, the economy seems to be growing for all. Yes, there was the typical loss of the house at midterm. This time for an unusually high retirement rate by incumbents. Likely to come back in 2020 with straight ticket voters. We will likely pick up 2 senate seats if they can ever be closed before Dems produce more ballots after polls closed. They have been violating Florida state law. FYI.


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Macron had it all right. Trump does not deserve more than that. After all he does and the way he behaves, should he still get a pass? Not with those serious people! And Macron was right on the money talking about the Nationalists - a disgrace to the humankind.

So, “They didn’t want him to drive,” uh? Sure…
It appears that yesterday the same happened, they didn’t want him to drive from the WH to the Arlington Cemetery. Sure.
(Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, he was tired from the trip back from Europe. So he stayed in bed tweeting. Sure!)

It would all be funny if it were not disgraceful to America, the former beautiful…