Adventists around the World Respond to Ukraine Invasion

With a reported membership of over 40,000 in Ukraine as well as a significant diaspora around the world, many Adventist Church members have been directly affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or have connections to those affected.

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Alex, Thank you for pulling together many of the efforts underway at the moment. I would just add one more from Adventist Health International, which supports a clinic/hospital in Kyiv.

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OK, who is to be blamed - - - -

And what about Seventh Day Adventists - in the future ? Those new, Great Mommy Russia, crescending out of the Everlasting Russsian Soil, (When one SDA representative from there, had, answering my urgent questions, repeatedly answered :“We are a international Church !”

And, 40 000 SDA in Ukraine - They will be asked : "Did you support your contry / fight the (foreign) now looser (the winners) army with how many Molotow coctails you have thrown ??

So proud to see ADRA representatives dressed in ADRA jackets assisting thousands of Ukrainians pouring into Romania at the border. Thank you, ADRA

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