Adventists In The News: "SDA Church in Uganda Gets New Archbishop"

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Here are four headlines from around the world in this week's roundup of Adventists in the news:

Adventist Church in Uganda Gets New "Archbishop." A report in a Ugandan newspaper erroneously listed Pastor Martson Daniel Matte as "the Archbishop of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Uganda. He becomes the sixth archbishop of the Church in Uganda," the article said. The Seventh-day Adventist minister was recently appointed president of the Uganda Union Mission. The report mistakenly said that previously, "He was the Bishop of Rwenzori Diocese, a position he held for seven years." In fact Matte was the secretary of the union mission before his recent promotion. From, "SDA Church in Uganda Gets New Archbishop."

Adventists aid Congolese war refugees. The Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist Church, a 400-member congregation in Philadelphia, has joined an effort to help Congolese refugees settle into new lives in the United States. Church members transport the refugees to church in a van, translate Saturday services into Kiswahili, provide school uniforms for more than 20 Congolese children attending Philadelphia schools, and donate furniture, cooking, utensils, and gently used clothing. Ebenezer's pastor, Charles Drake, says the newcomers attending his church are increasing his members' awareness of the international range of their denomination. From, "Congolese War Refugees Start Over in Philadelphia."

A Pathfinders-sponsored hike ends in a dramatic helicopter rescue. Fifteen hikers from the Seventh-day Adventist Spanish Church of Huntington Park, California got lost during a weekend hike in Eaton Canyon. The hikers, who ranged in age from 14 to 36, were rescued after spending one night on the mountainside. Only one hiker suffered a minor injury. From, "Rescuers locate 15 missing Seventh-day Adventist Hikers in Eaton Canyon."

Church parking-lot crash injures kids. Three children were injured in the parking lot crash of the Calhoun Seventh-day Adventist Church. Crawford Compton, 59, a Calhoun chiropractor, suffered a medical emergency, causing the accident. Crawford died at the scene; the children are recovering. From, "Children, others injured in Gordon County Elementary School parking lot."

From last week's Adventists-in-the-news headlines: "Eliel Cruz joins Religion News Service as LGBT blogger."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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(George Tichy) #2

We have several Jesuits here at Spectrum. Why can’t the people in Uganda have an Archbishop? :slight_smile:

(Jared Wright) #3

Hey, speak for yourself, George. :smile:

(le vieux) #4

“We have several Jesuits here at Spectrum.”

Care to name them, George?

This was originally supposed to be a 4-word post, but apparently this new system won’t allow a post of less than 20 characters. I wonder why. Too hard for the NSA to track? :wink:

(George Tichy) #5

I can only speak for MYSELF!!! :slight_smile:

(George Tichy) #6

Calm down… you don’t have to freak out!.. I am speaking only for myself. :slight_smile:


I didnt even know that that term even existed in our church.

Before you know it, we’ll be like the British Parliament, calling each other the right honorable archbishop of Chipping Sodbury, or some silly thing like that.

(Steve Mga) #8

Uganda has an English background. Anglican in nature, religiously.
“Diocese or Conference” heads are called Bishops and ArchBishops [person over several Bishops].
The news outlets used that term so the general public would understand the clerical position of Pastor Matte.

(jeremy) #9

that’s quite a misprint - adventists are the last church to have an archbishop…i wonder how a slip like that is possible…

(Elaine Nelson) #10

Lighten up folks! You seem to see this as another “sign of the end” when in reality it’s like Steve explained: it’s only a way to explain his position to those who are so accustomed to hearing those terms for their clergy. There are a few here who see signs of Armageddon on every new item, it must be an automatic reaction to anything upsetting.

(Drhoads) #11

A.A. Leiske, an Adventist pastor, used to co-host a TV program called “Religious Town Hall” or some such. He called himself “Bishop Leiske”–explaining that “bishop” was just another name for a pastor or elder.

(George Tichy) #12

Do you think the next GC Prez should adopt a new title as well?
If so, any suggestion?..

(Floyd) #13

The story about people hurt in the parking lot accident happened to close friends of ours. The father already had a spiral break in his leg from several years ago that had not healed and this accident broke the upper part along with his hip socket and pelvis along with other damage. His son also had a broken leg and hip but is now out. A lot of trauma in that family right now. They just moved there so their daughter could attend academy and still have not found any work. They can use many prayers right now.


Ah, okay, thank you Steve.


“Sovereign Grand Inspector General”. No…wait a second, that titles already taken. You must be a 33rd degree Freemason to hold such a prestigious name :smile:

Oh, well, nvm, we’ll just stick with Elder :wink:

(Stephen Terry) #16

Could it be that this instance of not making any attempt to differentiate between bishop and union president is instructive? Was it not Shakespeare who said in Romeo and Juliet a rose “By any other name would smell as sweet?” Ipso facto, if it smells the same, “What’s in a name?” :wink:

(Steve Mga) #17

A very long time pastor Lester O. Coon many years ago when he was a pastor in Catholic Boston began titling himself, Bishop, and maintained that after that in his very long ministry. He was around 90 when he finally retired. All 5 of his mother’s sons were SDA pastors.